Islamic Antichrist


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Mideast Beast


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Mystery Babylon


Mystery Babylon: English

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When a Jew Rules the World


When a Jew Rules the World: English

When a Jew Rules the World: Spanish  (Paperback: Amazon)

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Sinai to Zion


Sinai to Zion: English

Sinai to Zion: Companion Study Guide

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The Mystery of Catastrophe


The Mystery of Catastrophe: English

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Mount Sinai in Arabia


Mount Sinai in Arabia: English

Mount Sinai in Arabia: Portuguese

Mount Sinai in Arabia: Serbian

Mount Sinai in Arabia: Español

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The Olivet Discourse


The Beginning of Birth Pangs & the Timing of Matthew 24

The Futurist Interpretation of Luke’s version of the Olivet Discourse


Restorationism versus Replacement Theology


The Covenant Promises of God (PDF/Powerpoint)

Promessas de Deus (PDF/ Powerpoint): (Portuguese)

The Coming Kingdom of God (PDF/Powerpoint)


The Rapture


Debunking the Pretribulational Rapture: A Short Summary

Forty Rapture Questions Answered, Plain and Simple

Does Pretribulational Dispensationalism Actually Lead to Heresy?

Debunking Imminency

Does Revelation 3:10 Teach a Pretrib Rapture?

Why is the Church Never Mentioned After Revelation 4?

Did Jesus go to Prepare Temporary Mansions for Us in Heaven?

Is the Great Tribulation Only For Israel?

Post-Tribulationalism of the Early Church

The Shepherd of Hermas: Correcting the False Claims of Pretribulationism

Debunking Claims of Pretibulationism in the Early Church: Part 1

Debunking Claims of Pretibulationism in the Early Church: Part 2

Debunking Claims of Pretibulationism in the Early Church: Part 3

Debunking Claims of Pretibulationism in the Early Church: Part 4

Debunking Claims of Pretibulationism in the Early Church: Part 5

Before the Wrath: E-mail Correspondence with Brent Miller Jr and Pastor Jay McCarl 

Falsifying the Views of the Early Church: E-mail Coorespondance with Mike Golay of Behold Israel Ministries

Why the Rapture did not (and could not) happen on September 23, 2017




The Day of the Lord: A Simple Introduction

El Dia Del Señor: Una Simple Introduccion (Español)

An Introduction to the Islamic End Time Paradigm (PDF/Powerpoint)

The Biblical Testimony Concerning Hell

Some Thoughts on Martyrdom and Cultural Engagement

Algunos Pensamientos Sobre El-Martirio (Español)

Will There Be a Literal Temple Rebuilt in Jerusalem Before Jesus Returns?

The Biblical Fall Feasts and the Return of Jesus


Daniel’s Prophecy of Seventy Weeks

The Antichrist’s false peace treaty

Daniel’s 70th Week Revisited?

A Septuagésima Semana de Daniel Reconsiderada? (Portuguese)

Daniel 8: 2,300 Evenings and Mornings

Daniel 11:21-35: History or Future?

Daniel 11:40-45 Two Kings or Three?

Daniel 11: The Key to Unlock The Prophecies of Daniel

A Critique of the Preterist Interpretation of Daniel 2 & 7


Gog of Magog


The Nations of Gog Magog

Six Reasons Why Gog is the Antichrist

Seis Razones por las cuales Goges el Antichristo (Español)

Is the Gog Invasion a Failure or Success?

Understanding the Timing of Gog and Magog

Rosh: Russia or Chief?

Gog as Antichrist from Asia Minor: A Historical Survey

Identifying the Gog Magog Invaders

Gog of Magog: Destroyed on the Mountains of Israel?

Gog of Magog and the Great Earthquake

Thrown alive into the lake of fire? Are Antichrist and Gog the same individual?

The shameful burial of the Antichrist

The Battle of Gog of Magog & the Return of Jesus

Why the Islamic Antichrist Theory Matters (Español)

Burning weapons during Jesus’ millennial reign

Ezekiel, Magog and the Scythians

Ezekiel 38-39, Psalm 83, Muslim Demographics, and the Great Delusion


Popular Prophetic Misconceptions


A Response to Dr. David Reagan’s Critique of the Islamic End Time Theory

The Psalm 83 War?

Does Isaiah 17 Predict the Imminent Destruction of Syria?

Ethiopia and Sudan in Biblical Prophecy

NT Wright’s Perversion of Biblical Hope

NT Wright and Eschatology


Mount Sinai


Pictures from my trip to Mount Sinai (1) 

Pictures from my trip to Mount Sinai (2)

Pictures from my trip to Mount Sinai (3)

Proof of Giants at Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?

A Response to Dr. Michael Heiser Concerning the Location of Mt Sinai (PDF/Powerpoint)

The Biblical significance of Jabal Al-Lawz (by Charles Whittaker)

The First Mention of Midian in an Arabian Epigraphic Text


Korean Powerpoints:


A Biblical Introduction to the Islamic End Time Theory

Until I make your Enemies a Footstool

Understanding The Father’s Heart for Muslims