Skywatch TV: Mysteries of the Bible with Joel Richardson: Part 2

  • Mechelle
    Posted at 23:16h, 10 February

    I received your book earlier this week and I’m enjoying it so much! Thank you for sharing the background information regarding Nimrod and the tower of Babel. It was great how you laid down the foundation of how different perspectives help to shape, and redirect many Christians off to the wrong path. I feel I have a better understanding of how so many believers including me were only taught the Roman empire theory. Thank you for explaining this complex history in such a interesting and understandable way.

  • Grant Austin
    Posted at 20:06h, 11 February

    Great stuff Joel!

    I really enjoyed hearing your perspective on this episode (at around the 16:50 minute marker) about the “Prince of Yavan” and the “Prince of Persia.” I would love to hear more from you (in maybe a future episode of The Underground) on your views on the Deuteronomy 32:8,9-Worldview that Dr.Michael Heiser teaches in The Unseen Realm & Supernatural books: How has his work helped you see things in scripture, and/or maybe help you see the geopolitical dynamics of the Middle-East in new ways? I think you said, “There is the spiritual, and then there is the natural.” I would love to hear you expand more on what you shared right there.

    side note: I discovered Dr. Michael Heiser’s books through your Underground interview episode with him. For me, I was so glad to see such an Israel/Jerusalem-centric focus in his work on topics like Cosmic Geography (i.e. – “Yahweh’s land portion and people is Israel. He cast of the other nations and assigned them to lesser gods [Gen.11:1-9; Duet 32:8-9]. Those gods became divine rivals, not servants, of Yahweh. Their rule is corrupt [Psalm 82]. The rest of the Old Testament pits Yahweh against those gods and Israel against their nations.”; pg.123, The Unseen Realm.)
    This helped me understand the reality of the spiritual/unseen dynamics behind the Middle East neighbors of Israel that we see today. For me, it is also just more confirmation on the importance on the Book of Daniel for today! Before finding the Unseen Realm, the only teaching book that is somewhat In the ballpark of this subject that I’ve heard of in the charismatic-world is John Paul Jackson’s “Needless Casualties of War.” It was a breath of fresh air to get biblical clarity and context on the supernatural worldview of ancient Israelites from Michael Heiser.

  • AndrewW
    Posted at 21:19h, 11 February

    Hi Joel, great video as usual! I was wondering about the destruction of Mystery Babylon. In IA you seemed to suggest that perhaps the Antichrist turns on his religion (Islam) and sets himself up to be worshiped as a god, where as in MB you seem to say that the language for “worship” suggests something more along the lines of servitude.
    So given this potential dichotomy, with him apparently being worshiped and him apparently serving and honoring a foreign god, do you think that the AC will destroy the literal Mecca or just the surrounding area, and do you think that he will still be strictly Muslim as we know it or some sort of “new revelation” version of Muslim or completely abandon the faith altogether?
    He is also called a man of “lawlessness.” I suppose that could just mean that he does not hold to the laws of the true God, but it seems to me on the face of it to mean something more along the lines of him being a law unto himself. Islam itself has many laws, rules, etc., and (correct me if I’m wrong!) I would think that even the Mahdi would be bound by them if he remained a Muslim consistent with the Islamic traditions. I also know we shouldn’t read too much into what’s happening in the west, but do you see this recent bizarre alliance between Islam and the increasingly violent far left with any potential prophetic significance?

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