• Troy Geddes
    Posted at 01:09h, 28 August

    I think Alan makes some extremely strong arguments about the events that follow the return of Christ. Arguing with A-mills is like walking through a house of mirrors. I think a 1000 means 1000. I think that “if God wanted to communicate that it was more than a 1000 years He would not have repeated it so many times, I think six times in seven verses. On my radio program I offered anyone a check for 1000 dollars to anybody who could convince me that God did not mean 1000 years. The catch was that I in turn would use their same arguments to prove that I didn’t actually mean a 1000 dollars!

    If you want a really good example of a huge mistake theologians are making just look at these passages in order.

    Amos 3:2

  • Troy Geddes
    Posted at 01:34h, 28 August

    I agree it is a very strong argument to begin at Revelation 19:11. I still think it is about God meaning what He says. Ask yourself the question, “If God wanted to communicate that this period of time would be 1000 years, How would He do it?” The A-mill thinkers have no way of actually answering this question. I once offered any A-mill person 1000 dollars if they could come up with strong enough evidence to convince me God didn’t mean 1000 years. (The catch was I was planning on using their same arguments to convince them I didn’t mean 1000 dollars!)

    But Alan’s arguments are strong in that it shows where in the passage the argument should begin and what the strongest argument actually is.

    A perfect place in the Bible to see a horrible chapter break problem is in Romans 9:1-5.

    Follow this chain and then listen to how it is being taught incorrectly.

    Amos 3:2 “You only have I known of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.”

    Romans 11:1-2. Answer this question. “Who is Paul referring to when he writes “His people whom He foreknew?” Has God rejected His people whom He foreknew? The answer is easily found in verse 1.

    Now back up only two chapters… start at the chapter break between 8 and 9. Begin reading chapter NINE which we are told is dealing with the Jews, the nation of Israel. IF you read chapter 9:1-5 it is unmistakable that Paul is referring ONLY, I mean EXCLUSIVLY about the nation of Israel, the race that brought Jesus to us. Notice one strange thing. It ends in AMEN!

    Now go back and start in chapter 8:18-39 and ask yourself who Paul is talking about in verse 29. For those whom he foreknew, he also predestined and so on. Why is Paul now talking about Jacob and Esau in this passage and not the nation of Israel. [ Because of the chapter break at the end of chapter 8 that should not have occurred until the end of Paul’s thought which goes into chapter 9 up until the word AMEN at the end of verse 5.

    Ask yourself how many things would change if Paul talking about the cooperate election of Israel and not the individual election of Jacob and the reprobation of Esau.

    So my point is this… Alan is exactly right…. read up until the thought is finished don’t stop at the chapter ending!

    I have been Pre-Wrath for a long time now, 20 years. I have recently starting thinking the “elect” in Matthew 24 is referring to the “elect” enemies Paul is talking about in Romans 11:28. This makes more sense to me after reading Joel’s Mid East beast series.


    P.S. I am really glad Alan has started these pod casts… they are very informative.

  • Nelson
    Posted at 12:24h, 28 August

    Alan has begun this podcast series and all of them are excellent. I would go back and listen to the previous episodes as well. I recommend subscribing and you can recieve the new ones as they are produced!

  • Doug Hanley
    Posted at 18:20h, 28 August

    Key thing, God keeps His promises.

  • Troy Geddes
    Posted at 00:58h, 29 August


    You NAILED it a 1000 times over…..AMEN!.

  • Casey
    Posted at 04:04h, 29 August

    Joel, in reading Jay Adam’s perspective on amellinialism he notes that too often there is the misconception that the 1000 year period is to be a golden age and that it is a realized perspective. Also he notes that the devil is already under the feet of the early martyrs of the faith (Romans 15). Has anyone from the Messianic movement tried to debate him on this issue?

  • David W. Lincoln
    Posted at 22:09h, 31 August

    Shouldn’t we look at the nature of the numbers, instead of the numbers by themselves.

    How is it that Satan is bound? Could it be about the restraining that Paul writes about, in which he assumes the listeners already know, in his second letter to the Church at Thessaloniki?

    So, how free are we to choose that we want to please God? A lot more than when Satan is not restrained.

  • BJ and Alisa
    Posted at 19:42h, 01 September

    Hello Joel,

    We just finished your article in the Jewish Voice Today Magazine; “Iran: Israel’s Greatest Existential Threat”, GREAT Article!

    Will you be posting this article on your website for those who do not receive this magazine?

    Your article was very thorough but one question: since the Sufyani is heralding the soon coming Mahdi, in Islamic tradition is the Mahdi opposed to the Sufyani or on the same side?

    Thanks for keeping us informed,
    BJ & Alisa

  • Joel
    Posted at 19:53h, 01 September

    The Mahdi is supposed to be opposed to the Sufyani. But he is supposed to be destroyed just before the emergence of the Mahdi.

    I will let the magazine run for a while before posting it.

  • BJ and Alisa
    Posted at 20:05h, 01 September

    Thank you Joel 🙂

  • MaximusMinimus
    Posted at 12:43h, 24 September

    Hi Joel,

    Sorry to say, but I think that Alan did not read the passage with understanding. Rev 20: 4

    “They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

    clearly indicates the time constraints for the rule of martyrs who sit on thrones with Christ for a thousand years only. The verse does not say that “Christ will reign for a thousand years.” Co-reign of martyrs lasts from the moment of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross until the Day of Judgment

    What do you think of Joel?



  • Joel
    Posted at 13:05h, 24 September

    Hi Max,

    I think you comment makes no sense.


  • MaximusMinimus
    Posted at 17:51h, 24 September

    Hmm, my fault. I’ll try to clarify a bit.
    I think that based on Rev 20:4 we could separate reign of Christ in heaven into two periods:

    1.First period, when Christ reign in heaven with judges, which lasts 1000 years.

    Armageddon and Day of Judgement.

    2. New Jerusalem, in which judges can not exist, because there is no one to judge. But kingdom still need a King…

    Thx Joel,


  • Joel
    Posted at 19:39h, 24 September


    Okay, well as the article shows, this position is impossible unless one chooses to ignore the reality concerning Satan not presently being bound.

  • MaximusMinimus
    Posted at 21:02h, 24 September

    Joel, thanks for reply.

    I think that the main objective of a growing Muslim extremism is not the establishment of the state, but the mass blood sacrifice of innocent people in order to release Satan from his prison.
    Rev 20: 7 says
    “When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison”
    Passage deliberately did not indicate who will release Satan from prison – because evil people set him free by murdering christians and jews.
    I think that Satan is still bound or just about to be released.
    We do not see any material manifestations of Satan yet.
    Kurds by saving Chaldeans and Yazidis could slow ritual.



  • Joel
    Posted at 21:47h, 24 September


    With all due respect, the Scriptures are quite clear that Satan has never been bound through history. This is yet to come after Jesus returns to establish His kingdom.

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