Mark Davidson book now available

I mentioned several weeks ago in another blog post that I would announce when Mark Davidson’s new book was available. Well, it finally has been released. I had intended to write an article to accompany this announcement, but I’ve simply been too busy, and I did not want to delay any further. So without any further ado, I encourage you to purchase the book at Amazon. And be sure to write a review to bless the author.

Daniel Revisited

  • Taryn Daley
    Posted at 03:13h, 20 March

    I just kind of messed up this week’s budget to order it, but for some books that is how it has to BE, my friends. Recognize.

  • Nelson
    Posted at 11:46h, 20 March

    Just like Mideast Beast, this is a ground breaking look at the unsealing of the Book of Daniel (Dan 12:4).

  • Hector
    Posted at 11:56h, 20 March

    Hi Joel, blessings to you and all the contributors to this blog site. I have a question, I’ve seen and listen to your explanation on Gog of Magog, pointing that it must refer to Turkey. To me that makes completely sense. However, with all the last developments regarding Russia, Ukrane and today a news article (,7340,L-4501167,00.html) stating that Russia is threatening to change its stance on Iran nuclear weapons development (backing them up), do you think the actual Gog of Magog might be Russia/Putin?

  • Vernon
    Posted at 15:55h, 20 March

    Thanks Joel!

    …Just ordered a copy!

  • Joel
    Posted at 20:59h, 20 March


    I do not. That is not to say that Russia will not be a huge problem and a significant player. But Putin is not the Antichrist, and Russia is not Magog. If we go with that identification, and if we are consistent in using the lineage method of interpretation, then you must also include virtually the whole western world as well.

  • David W. Lincoln
    Posted at 23:51h, 20 March

    Is anyone surprised to see this tweet:

    Jenan Moussa ‏@jenanmoussa 57m

    Instead of the Arab world becoming like Turkey, Turkey is becoming like the Arab world. #TwitterisblockedinTurkey

  • Nick
    Posted at 01:48h, 21 March

    Hi Joel,

    I have a goofy question, and you may have answered this in a previous post, but do you have a visual illustration of a timeline that shows the prophetic events from tribulation to the millenial reign of Jesus (or any visual timelines)?

    Thanks and God Bless!

  • Joel
    Posted at 01:53h, 21 March

    Sorry Nick. I do not.

  • Philip Brown
    Posted at 14:27h, 22 March

    I’ve just started this book (Kindle edition). Initially, I’m very impressed with chapter 1 and his arguments against Rome for the iron legs. He goes through all the relevant history like I’ve never seen. In the introduction he traces through the historical commentators of Daniel 2 and show how their error about history built-up through the centuries into unchallenged doctrine. I’ve purchased two paperbacks to give to dispensationalist pastors.

    Thanks Joel

  • Troy Geddes
    Posted at 01:45h, 25 March

    I bought the book on your recommendation. I am reading it. I agree with you though that Daniel 2 and 7 are talking about the same thing. I am looking forward to learning this perspective and also learning how to defuse the Roman AC theory at the same time. Thanks for the heads up. ALSO you said you were going to look into the Daniel 9 passage and the fact it does not say THE Anointed One but says an anointed one. Did you have time to do that yet?

    And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing. And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war. Desolations are decreed.

  • Joel
    Posted at 02:34h, 25 March


    Right. It is simply an anointed one. Personally, I have no question that it is speaking of Jesus. I have read Charles Cooper’s book that offers a different perspective, but disagreed with his conclusions. He’s obviously a tremendously gifted and brilliant teacher, but on this matter, I think it is clearly speaking of Jesus.


  • Perry Brown
    Posted at 12:17h, 25 March

    Mark Davidson has just released an excerpt of his book, on appendix A, a history of the commentary of Daniel 2:40. Must read.

  • good4u
    Posted at 20:49h, 25 March

    It is now so easy to see looking back, how this perpetual error is pasted down in church history with absolutely NO counter argument! It was taken as a complete fulfillment UNTIL…a few courageous men stood with the Islamic paradigm against church “TRADITION, TRADITION!” What and who does that sound like…indeed, it is Jesus, himself challenging the Jewish TRADITION of his day and the resistance he encountered!

    Truly open minds will want the truth, no matter where it leads and will discard long held, but misguided beliefs so that the church will awake and arise to prepare and witness to the truths of God.


  • Joel
    Posted at 00:46h, 26 March


    For the most part, traditions are good, often guarding orthodoxy, but at times, they need to be challenged. Or at least reconsidered.

  • Troy Geddes
    Posted at 09:58h, 26 March

    Thanks Joel… Now I am back to the drawing board!

  • linda keyes
    Posted at 12:59h, 27 March

    Interesting. I guess I just don’t see why anyone needs to disprove Rome being the legs. I did read the appendix. I see the statue as a succession of empires that oppressed Israel: Babylon,Medes and Persians,grecians,and history tells us that Rome was the next successive kingdom to do so. Jesus was born under Roman rule. The Jews where also dispersed under its headship. In Rev13 Rome was the 5th “is” head on the beast, that being the Rome of that day,so I see it as being part of the beasts empire.

    When I set about filling in all positions on the statue, Its like I actually see five kingdoms,Rome being the 4th and the ten feet being the 5th in a sense.

    In saying that I in no wise see Rome as the revived head, the ten toes not the legs are Daniels fourth beast. I personally think that Rome mutated over the years, the catholic church(the holy Roman empire),and now which possibly could become a united or associate states of Europe, inclusive of all the empires in the statue.

    I do believe the antichist is from the middle east, and agree that
    satan will use islam in some way to gain followers, after all,Israel’s enimies are mostly muslim.

    So it is interesting, but I just don’t see a conflict with Rome as the Legs and a middle east beast.

    Lovely fellowshipping with you all

  • linda keyes
    Posted at 13:02h, 27 March

    Sorry, I forgot to say, that’s how I see it, but time alone will tell.

  • giles
    Posted at 17:30h, 07 April

    if what he says about Iran going to war with the Middle east, and Syria being one of the nations that fight against the Iranian Shiites, then this means Assad is eventually going to lose the civil war, and Syria will go over to the Sunnis.


  • Joel
    Posted at 18:26h, 07 April


    For what it is worth, while I think that Mark’s general theory, primarily the notion of Daniel 8 having full futurist implications, is one that we should consider, I am not personally comfortable myself going out on a limb and being as specific as Mark is with many of the details. He and I have talked about this. But I do think that we should consider his perspective and make ourselves aware of it.

    That said, if Iran took Syria, this would not necessitate Syria completely falling to the Sunnis first, though it could. At this point they already control large segment so the nation anyway. If Iran went east, this could be Iraq and part of Syria. To a degree, Iran already controls much of Iraq and to a degree Assad is largely a pawn of Iran anyway.

  • giles
    Posted at 17:27h, 08 April

    i think he’s a little off with Albania

  • Cory
    Posted at 13:33h, 18 April


    Would love to see a full review of this book if/when you have the time. I appreciate your consistent and balanced approach to the prophetic scriptures and avoidance of sensationalism. As I read MD’s book, there does seem to be an “unsealing” of the scriptures. I, too, am a little uncomfortable with the specificity of the 4 signposts. However, wouldn’t it be consistent with God’s ways to unveil what he is doing, and shouldn’t we expect a full “unsealing” as the last days approach? MD’s book definitely elevates this expectation. Always appreciate your voice.


  • TM
    Posted at 03:27h, 30 June

    Thanks for the heads up on the book. I bought it and began reading it this week. I cannot put it down. Mark is an excellent writer and he communicates his thoughts and research brilliantly which makes it very easy to follow. In my opinion, he blew away the Roman connection and convinced me, as you did, that it is all about Islam.

    His four signposts are very fascinating. I’m somewhat in “shock and awe” after reading his Daniel 7 and 8 interpretation, and still processing it all, so I really don’t have any conclusions or concerns to share at this time. But I will say this- you have to read and reflect on the book for yourself in order to allow God’s Spirit a chance to impart wisdom as needs be. I can say this- I don’t know if he has it all right (does anyone?) but I really appreciate the time, effort, research, and thought that went into the book. I am so much more blessed for having read it. I promise anyone who buys the book, you won’t regret the purchase, and you will be challenged in your thinking.

    FYI, No, I’m not related to Mark Davidson. Like Our Joel here, I love and appreciate all my brothers and sisters who are committed with the right spirit and intentions to get the word out to the sheep. “Watch and be alert” a wise person once told me. I agree.

    TM (AKA, The Italian Stallion)

  • ETW
    Posted at 09:19h, 02 December


    With the accelerated Islamization of Europe this year, why limit the options of the fourth Beast to Europe or Islam paradigm? We can now the see merging of Europe and Islam into a possible revived Islamic Roman Empire. Any thoughts?


  • Joel
    Posted at 09:35h, 02 December


    I have never limited the scope of the coming Kingdom of the AC. I have simply sought identify which historical empire the Scriptures are describing. I believe it points us not to a revival of the Roman Empire but a revival of the Islamic Caliphate. Consequently the Islamic Caliphate included much more of Europe (under the Ottomans) than the Roman Empire included the Middle East. Just a thought.


  • christy
    Posted at 01:14h, 26 July

    little late on getting hold of this book! Allot to take in but a good read and expanding the traditional view of things, joel im curious to know your point of view on the 4 horsemen in revelation.

  • Joel
    Posted at 10:22h, 26 July

    I hold that the four horsemen are within the final seven years and not before as Mark holds. I simply see too many clear parallels between the Olivet Discourse and this portion of Revelation which includes the seals. The Olivet discourse of course is divided by the preliminary signs that define the first 3.5 years and the actual birth pains which define the final 3.5 years.

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