Dr. David Reagan Update

Last week, I posted a response To Dr. David Reagan’s critical review of Antichrist and God’s War on Terror in his Lamplighter Magazine. Click here to jump to that. Today, Dr. Reagan responded via e-mail. Below is his very kind response. I was disappointed but certainly understand his situation. On the other hand, unless someone else takes me up on the offer, the invitation is open-ended. I truly believe that such a project would be very beneficial to the Body of Christ. For now, I will likely publish a brief response in a few weeks but leave the weight of the matter for another time and venue.


I have been on vacation, thus my delay in responding. As I said in my article, I was very impressed with your book. You are an excellent writer. I appreciate your invitation to co-author a book on the issue, but I just do not have the time to devote to it. I produce a weekly TV program and edit our magazine, and those two jobs take all my time. Also, I am currently preparing a third edition of my book about the U.S. in prophecy, and I have two other books to write following that ֠one on Jesus in prophecy and one on Israel in prophecy. So, my cup is full and running over.

God bless you.


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