My Response to Dr. David Reagan’s Critique of the Islamic End Time Theory

Today I was personally sent a preview copy of the forthcoming issue of Lamplighter Magazine published by Dr. David Reagan’s Lion and Lamb Ministries. The magazine features Dr. Reagan’s critical review of both Antichrist: Islam’s Awaited Messiah and God’s War on Terror. As critical as the article was, I very much welcome it, as I am happy to see that this discussion is becoming more public within the circle of more well-known prophecy teachers. This afternoon, I sent the following e-mail response to Dr. Reagan:

Dr. Reagan,

When I first opened the latest edition of your magazine, I was quite excited. Of course, I was a bit surprised as I read on. First, thank you for the compliments regarding my writing. Secondly, while it is always difficult to hear someone’s tone through writing, as I read your comments, I felt that you may be a bit angry with me personally. I certainly hope that as I have presented my position regarding the Islamic End Time Paradigm, either through my writings or through my speaking, that I do not come across as cocky or offensive to you or anyone else with whom I may have some disagreements. Coming from my heart, the reason that these things mean so much to me is because I believe that the Church is walking blind into the future and dangerously unaware of what is about to befall her and the whole earth. So my passion for presenting my position is not out of any territorial spirit per se, but is deeply pastoral. I recently spoke with Pastor Mark Hitchcock and invited him to co-author a book with me that would present a good view of both positions, but he was unable to do so due to his pastoral responsibilities. Obviously after reading your review, you are certainly one who is firmly in the Roman Empire End Time camp and motivated to defend it. Would you be interested in further discussing your criticism of my position and possibly co-authoring a book that presents both the Roman and the Islamic End Time theories in a friendly way in order that the Church can weigh these things themselves? If you are able, I would be honored to work on such a project with you. Thank you for all of your years of labor for the Body of Christ.

Bless You,

Joel Richardson

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