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  • Herwig Lamb (Austria)
    Posted at 16:25h, 19 June

    Thanks again for sharing from Scripture! The kingdom of God WAS at hand back then at Jesus’ first coming, yet Israel as a nation was not ready to receive him back then. They clearly rejected him as a nation. The whole gospel of Matthew testifies of that. Matthew basically portrays Jesus as the rejected king …). One day, of course, Israel will be ready as a nation to receive Jesus as their Messiah (see Zech 12:10; 14:9) but only after they’ll have gone through their uttermost pain – Jacob’s trouble (Jer 30:7). Btw, also: The 10 kings can be found again in Rev 17:12 … Has that happened yet? Is Jesus ruling yet on earth? Of course he isn’t – not physically, visible for everybody! He is reigning in our hearts, yes. At least, that’s what ought to be the case and unfortunately we resist very well on too many occasions in our everyday life … well, but that’s another story …
    Also: Why did the disciples ask Jesus when he is going to establish the kingdom when – as some say – it was already there? (Acts 1:6). Answer: Well, it was not there yet and it still isn’t here up to this very day. Before Jesus will set up his kingdom, the gospel of the kingdom will have to be preached first (Mt. 24:14). It all fits together very well into one picture which we call “the futuristic approach”. I don’t see it any different from you, Joel! Thanks again for a clear teaching from Scripture. Keep it up! Keep up your great ministry and especially, keep remaining humble as you are! Your brother from Austria who again says THANK YOU!

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