Behold the wonders of the Facebook Revolution. When pondering the prophecy concerning the Mark of the Beast, and the fact that believers will not be able to buy or sell without accepting this religio-economic mark of identification, could it have something to do with what is now beginning to take shape in the Middle East? A friend from Egypt, who lives in Cairo says that she is regularly greeted in Muslim places of business with "lā ilāha illà l-Lāh, Muḥammadun rasūlu l-Lāh" (There is no God other than Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger). If she does not respond in kind, she is asked to leave. Of course, we do not know exactly what the Mark of the Beast will be, though this certainly does cause one to wonder what the future holds for believers in Egypt and other nations that fall to radical Islamists. As darkness creeps over Egypt and slowly engulfs much of the region, what kinds of laws will inevitably follow, and how will it affect non-Muslims? From the Gatestone Institute

Joel Richardson With the elections taking place in Egypt this week, I think it is good to not only look back at the tidal wave of change that has taken place in Egypt this past year, but also to look forward to what the Bible says about Egypt’s future. For the past several years, among those who live in, or have a heart for the Middle East, one of the most significant passages that the Lord has highlighted to many is Isaiah 19. This passage, unlike any other in the Bible, describes in great detail, the future sufferings and glories of Egypt in the unfolding of the Lord’s future prophetic calendar.

By Joel Richardson WND

On Jan. 31, 2011, the first day protests began in Egypt, in an WND article titled, “What’s next in the Middle East,” I predicted precisely what we are now seeing unfold in Egypt. Don’t get me wrong – I am no prophet, but as I said then, and continue to believe, if one simply has a solid understanding of what the Bible says about the future of the region, as well as a solid understanding of the religious and geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, then this was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the Obama administration, and the entirety of the mainstream media, missed this one by a full 180 degrees.

Literally hours after the protests began in Egypt, President Obama called for an “orderly transition” to democracy there, stopping just shy of demanding President Mubarak step down, but making it clear that his days were numbered.

If the Euro collapses, which I certainly hope does not happen, what will this mean for the long-held view that the present European Union is that which the prophets spoke of? Will some simply claim that this was all foretold? When we look at the relevant texts that speak of the last days empire, we see that Scripture simply does not allow for this. There is no room for a revived, revived Roman Empire. Those who have held to the Roman Eschatological Paradigm will either acknowledge the error of the Euro-centric view, or they will be forced to harden their position, ultimately committing violence to the relevant biblical passages.

So every mommy (and daddy) with kids is always looking for good worship music to play for the kiddos in the endless drives here or there. Occasionally you find something so good that you just have to share it with your friends. Little Song Birds...

I've just returned from Stavanger, Norway.  The nation, the city, and the people were absolutely beautiful. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet with the people of Salem Church as well as several visitors to mutually encourage one another in the LORD....

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