Robert Spencer with Joel Richardson: Q&A on Trump, immigration, Islam, and jihad

  • giles
    Posted at 16:07h, 20 February

    I’ve also observed a lack of confidence in the UK church, or at least among some Christians here. People seem to avoid the name “Jesus”. I was speaking to one guy who should have used the name in the sentence that he was saying but hesitated and said something else. Another woman was talking about deliverance, she said something about casting out demons in the name of (and she paused a fraction of a second)….God. Another guy I worked with, a Christian, he never once spoke about the gospel to anyone on the building site we were working on. The closest he ever came was talking about Jesus was how work always kept coming up just when he needed it, “which was a coincidence, or not, if you know what I mean”. He ran the homeless shelter and told me not to talk to people about the Lord, only to answer if they asked any questions. He “didn’t want it to be like the Salvation Army where they have to get preached at to get a meal”.
    I’ve always thought the second coming of Jesus being a taboo was strange, but I’ve found this to be far stranger.

    NIV? bad drills. Bad drills.

  • Will
    Posted at 14:37h, 28 March


    I was wondering if at some point you could address the New World Order (NWO) which is discussed at 1:02:00 in the video.
    (It seems almost ridiculous to ask you because no such thing is even discussed in the bible)
    However I did an internet search of this topic and the majority of those believing in this philosophy that secret societies are running the whole world (in an organized fashion) behind the scenes are shockingly Christians. They apparently feel that this is so because the bible speaks of the final beast empire that will rule over the “WHOLE WORLD”. But the problem with this NWO philosophy is that it is based upon ZERO scriptural criteria that the bible mentions about the nature of this final empire. How are so many Christians falling for this?

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