Three Months Ago, This Middle East Expert Presented His Grave Concerns about Now-Ousted General Michael Flynn

Late Monday, General Michael Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser for the Trump Administration. The announcement followed an exposé by the Washington Post, revealing how Flynn had misstated certain facts in relaying information to Vice President Mike Pence regarding his post-election contacts with Russian officials. While the move comes as a shock to cable news pundits and politicos on Capitol Hill, one Christian author was sounding the alarm about Flynn back on November 19—nearly three months before his ultimate resignation. Read the full article at

  • Linda
    Posted at 14:10h, 16 February

    Amazing how God is working in this administration. It give you hope that the left will continue to be defeated as they try so desperately to tear down our conservative opportunity to save this country. We must stay on our knees.

  • José Afonso Soares
    Posted at 17:11h, 16 February

    Joel, boa noite.
    Não sei se você ou alguém de sua equipe terá tempo ou interesse em traduzir minhas palavras.
    Não domino o inglês, por isso escrevo em português.
    Agradeço a Deus por você e toda a revelação que tem trazido sobre o tempo do fim.
    Mesmo com a barreira de idioma, acompanho suas postagens, o que tem sido uma benção em minha vida.
    Joel, vivo numa nação de 200 milhões de habitantes, católica em sua maioria.
    Mas segundo pesquisa recente, é entre os que se declaram evangélicos que o islã mais tem crescido.
    Dito isto, gostaria muito de poder publicar e divulgar seus livros e vídeos entre o povo brasileiro.
    Mas aí surge outro problema, a limitação financeira.
    Então te pergunto: o que poderia ser feito nesse sentido?
    Não tenho interesse em ganhar dinheiro com sua obra, mas todo o interesse em divulgá-la.
    Há algo que você, além do muito que faz, possa fazer?
    Aguardo retorno
    Graça e paz.

    Joel, good night.
    I do not know if you or anyone on your team will have time or interest in translating my words.
    I do not speak English, so I write in Portuguese.
    Thank God for you and all the revelation you have brought about the end time.
    Even with the language barrier, I track your posts, which has been a boon in my life.
    Joel, I live in a nation of 200 million people, mostly Catholic.
    But according to recent research, it is among those who declare themselves to be evangelicals that Islam has grown.
    Having said that, I would very much like to be able to publish and disseminate your books and videos among the Brazilian people.
    But there arises another problem, the financial limitation.
    So I ask you: what could be done in this sense?
    I have no interest in making money from his work, but all interest in divulging it.
    Is there anything that you, besides the much that you do, can do?
    Awaiting return
    Grace and peace.

  • Joel
    Posted at 18:18h, 16 February

    Hi Jose,

    The best thing is to find a Portuguese publisher who is interested. I think some of my books are now being translated into Portuguese.

    Thanks for your encouragement.


  • Roy Coker
    Posted at 11:47h, 17 February

    HI Joel,

    Over the years, I have come to many of the same prophetic conclusions that you have. Of course, you have done more research than I have, and have a more comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures. An area of particular concern to me is the (false) identification of Russia as Gog. I am concerned about how this mistaken view may affect our foreign policy with Russia. Some Christians seem to feel that we are predestined to be enemies with that country. But I believe there are still many Christians in the nations that make-up the former U.S.S.R. What if God caused (or allowed) the U.S.S.R to break-up in order to separate the Christian Republics from the Islamic Republics- the Stans? What if God is giving those nations an opportunity to return to their historical Christian faith? The same goes for the nations of western Europe. By assuming these nations will be the home of the Anti-Christ, some prophetic teachers have written Europe off as a post-Christian culture. Shouldn’t we pray that all these nations rediscover their Christian faith and heritage? I believe the reason God has not include most modern nations in prophecy is that their choice is still open.

    Roy Coker

  • José Afonso Soares
    Posted at 16:28h, 18 February

    Querido Joel, boa noite.

    Obrigado pela atenção.
    Amado, qual o custo dos direitos autorais dos livros e documentários?
    É cobrado por quantidade ou unidade?
    Porque dependendo do valor, eu poderia cuidar da tradução.
    Já a impressão seria por demanda e a venda pela internet e em igrejas.
    Isso tornaria o preço final mais acessível.
    Rogo a Deus que este meu sonho se concretize e muitos outros sejam alcançados; como eu fui, pela iluminação que lhe foi confiada.

    Que Deus continue a te abençoar.

  • José Afonso Soares
    Posted at 16:30h, 18 February

    Documentos* (documentários, vídeos).

  • Joel
    Posted at 17:06h, 18 February


    I will send you an e-mail with my publishers contact information. If you would be interested in our other films Covenant and Controversy and Sheep Among Wolves, please let me know. These are free to translate if it is a quality translation.

    Many blessings to you!

  • Roy Coker
    Posted at 08:27h, 19 February

    Hi Joel,

    The right thing for the wrong reasons:

    I was skeptical about Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser because of his relationship to Turkey as you pointed out in your video. However, that was not the reason for his “political assassination”. Members of the intelligence community illegally leaked the Flynn conversation with Russian Diplomats in order to indirectly discredit President Trump. There are members in the Deep State that want to bring his administration down seemingly at any cost. I believe that one reason they want to do this is because Trump believes that he can find common ground with Russia for a peaceable relationship. It seems that some within the intelligence community and even the Congress (like senators M… & G….) see Russia as our natural enemy. Russia, the United States and ever other major country spies on each other. It is ridicules to think Russia could some how change the result of our election. It is not like the Russians made-up a bunch of fake news that changed the opinions of American voters. All this talk of sanctions against Russia is silly. Do we think Putin is a teenage boy we can spank? He sits on the second largest nuclear Arsenal in the world, and he can also cut off the gas to western Europe. There is a time to be tough and there is a time to have common sense. But as the old adage goes, “common sense” is very uncommon. Thanks,
    Roy Coker

  • Joel
    Posted at 11:14h, 19 February

    Hi Roy,

    Of course, this was a leak by anti-administration operatives within the intelligence community. However, they exposed wrong-doing. If he had done nothing wrong, Trump would not have let him go. In my option, this was allowed by the Lord and probably a good thing. But God knows best.

  • Roy Coker
    Posted at 13:05h, 19 February

    Hi Joel,

    Yes, I agree with you, and I think it is probably a good thing and perhaps God’s providence. But I think we also need to be aware of all the anti-Trump operatives and their intention to bring down his administration. This is very dangerous for our nation. Yes, God knows best. Keep on making those good videos. I enjoy watching them and I will tell other people about them. Thanks.

  • Angelo Martinez Porter
    Posted at 14:43h, 20 February

    Brother Joel,

    I have been following your ministry now for several months and I find that there is a great deal of integrity in your output. I appreciate that greatly. As I work through reading your books and watching the videos (sometimes 2-3 times), I am getting up to speed. Your analytical and exhaustive approach to exploring the biblical texts is phenomenal. Over this period of time that I have been evaluating your teachings I have been benefited by a number of course corrections and enlightenments. I always look forward to getting the “Underground” notices that post on my android. So, no matter what else I have going on for the day, I know that I’m in for a treat when I see that notice. I thank you for your diligence. After watching the ‘much anticipated debate’ with Dr T Ice, I was even more impressed with your anointing and skills. You handled yourself very wisely and quite professionally. On the other hand, I was disappointed with the poor decorum and tendency towards bullying, obfuscation, and intimidation employed by Dr Ice. Despite his expressed years of experience at debates, it certainly did not come across that way in the video. His manners were deplorable. But, enough about him.

    May you continue to be blessed my brother. You set the example of an excellent ‘Berean’ for all of us. I will continue to deep dive into the “Word” and support you and your ministry.

    Highest Regards,


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