• Adam H
    Posted at 03:35h, 03 December

    Joel Richardson,

    I am obsessed with studying Daniel 8. It’s at least interesting how the beginning of the vision resembles what happened with Alexander and the Persians. Yet, I do understand that the vision is for the end times and the last of the wrath. I know that you have put out info about this, but will you please do a video or article explaining the entire chapter? For example, the mention of the “commander-in-chief”, the fact that the son of perdition rises at the “end of the four horns kingdoms”, and can Baghdadi be a candidate to fulfill this role? why or why not? Thanks and Yeshua be with you and bless you.

  • Lynn
    Posted at 04:33h, 09 December

    So good to see on the ground ministry happening.
    Thank you for providing the footage.
    Wonderful to see those children and to be able to pray for those small faces.
    Lord, please merciful to them all.

    May the Lord provide your every need to continue this wonderful work and may many many hearts be open to Him during this time.

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