Covenant and Controversy: The Great Rage

For those who have not yet seen The Great Rage, it is now available for free. This is the first of a five part series.

The Great Rage is also available to purchase as a DVD, with extra Bonus Features DVD, or to purchase for Streaming on Vimeo (which also gives you access to the Bonus Special Features). FAI has made the film available for free, but when you do purchase it, all monies go to the production of the future films.

Click here for more information and to purchase the film.

  • BJ & Alisa
    Posted at 21:50h, 11 October

    Hello Joel & Dalton,

    Thank you for the thought provoking movie, it brought up a lot of memories & made me go back in time. We always enjoy hearing from Dr. Brown.

    This is a very a good movie everyone should see!


  • dbundy
    Posted at 03:37h, 12 October

    Wow. The solemnity of the eternities rests upon my mind, as I contemplate what the Gentiles have done to Israel, and it is only exceeded by the thought of the coming retribution that is promised, by the words of the prophets. Anguish of soul seems inescapable, but the Lord said, “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” Rest assured, oh house of Israel, he will bring again Zion, and kings will shut their mouths in astonishment.

  • Avis
    Posted at 16:15h, 12 October

    I was aware of some of this but the scope astonished me and left me heartbroken. Since I seriously started studying the bible about 30 yrs ago, I have felt a deep love for Israel. I don’t know any anti-semites and most folks I know don’t even know what ‘replacement theology’ is- Thank you, Lord. I live in a small Christian dominated area so it’s possible we don’t represent the larger group. God forgive us.

  • David Baird
    Posted at 11:19h, 13 October

    Joel i was very encouraged and discouraged while watching this. I believe all Christians should see this. I will share it with as many as i can! What is part 2 and 3 on?

    Also i was shocked to see Mike Reynolds in this Vid (as well as Better F T M). I use to know him when he was in For Today (his old band), i knew he left the band a few years ago to do mission but i did not know it was with FAI

    God Bless

  • traeh
    Posted at 01:46h, 14 October

    Wow. Very powerful and very professional film. But not just professional. An inspired work of genius. Very moving.

    When you said it was graphic, I was worried there might be beheadings and I would have to turn it off, but thankfully there were none. The only graphic scenes are brief moments of footage of dead bodies of Jews in concentration camps. What’s really hard to watch is not dead bodies, but killing.

  • Gary
    Posted at 06:23h, 15 October

    I hear about Hitler and the Nazis much of the time in this but there needs to be an even greater understanding of that funding by pharmaceutical German mogul I.G. Farben that helped in this. Even supplying the gas. BDS assemblies definitely need to be aware of this fact, such acts take funding.

  • Laine
    Posted at 02:22h, 16 October

    This was a brilliant film, and so very needed. Thank you. I will be sharing this in the small group study I lead. I know it’s not many people, but every Christian needs to see this. I just feel shattered after watching this, and I so wish there was something more I could do.

  • Gary
    Posted at 09:43h, 16 October

    Being German of Irish (Gaelic) background, this time of year I tend to focus and re-examine on the failings of the church and where it needs to go. In the Gaelic culture, the lament for the dead returning this time of year to visit was a prevailing idea in their culture. I don’t mean to sound cryptic but actually more pivot off that off idea that perhaps because of such that it can instead be a time for great prayer, witnessing, and outreach even in light of the fact that Luther made his quest for Reform at this time of year as well. Obviously, he fell very well short on this. True Reform and Revival should never deny the Jewish roots (Romans 9-11).

  • Jim Ratajski
    Posted at 00:25h, 17 October

    Joel, my heart is so heavy after just watching this. I have read your recent books on these topics, but watching the film makes it so more real. Tears flowed more than once watching this. Oh, Lord, how long? And why must it be this way? You have placed love in my heart for your people since I was a boy. To see the looming suffering brings me to tears.

    My only reason that I can give for what has been, and what is coming, is that the Glory of your restoration of your people, and their exulted place you will give them at your table, in your house, will be so great, that no one will question, no one will speak ill against them, for they have suffered like no other.

    Romans 9 – 11 takes on a more personal feeling to me. You will restore all things. Starting with your chosen people.

  • Carol
    Posted at 13:30h, 17 October

    Thank you to all who have blessed us with this film.
    Every frame and step of those feet traced the ancient hate and prophetic history before us today. My Jewish husband joins the voice of his people asking “where was God”. This film graphically and powerfully answered the question that sorrows the Jew till this present day found in the life, death, and Resurrection of our Messiah. If I did not know the glorious answer to that question I would weep with eternal sorrow. But for today, I weep with them who weep.

  • linda keyes
    Posted at 13:13h, 18 October

    Yesterday i heard very loud voice out of my kitchen window here in Birmingham uk,i went out to “find out”, and followed the sound to the bottom of our road, i found that the local mosque had decided to have their ‘service’ outdoors.

    About 100 muslims were sat on the roadside, listening to a speech about wicked Israel occupying Palestinian land. I felt completely grieved, i politely tried to engage with a few of them with regards to the koran stating that Allah had given the land to the Jews, but they were not interested in talking to me.

    The thing that grieves me the most, is the unholy state of our churches, islam is claiming our streets while the Christians meet for pizza.
    I’m praying that the uk will birth some spirit filled leaders that will again
    minister with passion, will return our churches once again to places of prayer, not just shopping list recitals, but desperate hearts calling on God with holy passion. Its like islam has become the Goliath in our land, Lord please send some Davids.

  • Trevor
    Posted at 03:33h, 21 October

    Amazing… very well done.

  • Troy
    Posted at 17:46h, 09 November


    I watched this with my adult son. He absolutely loved it and showed it to his friend the very next morning. They both agree they need to look into this subject matter more. I write this to say thank-you for producing a film that has such clarity on the subject matter. He was so steeped in five point Calvinism that he couldn’t see why “National Election” was being talked about at all. To him it was totally irrelevant. He has not come away from it totally but after watching this film, as well as studying the minor prophets and Isaiah, his eyes are being open to the problem of teaching “individual” election. He also immediately looked up a debate between Dr. Brown and a preterist. He has gone from Piper.. then to N.T. Write .. and now finally on his way to Isaiah! Thanks again..

  • Chuck
    Posted at 20:13h, 09 November

    This is an excellent analysis of where we are in the course of time as it relates to the abuse of the Jews. I learned in a more concrete way how complicit and active the church was in the Holocaust. Additionally, though I already saw clearly the threat from the Muslim world to the Jews, this film made it abundantly clear how anti-semitism is ready to explode once again in a more powerful way than the last.

    What is disconcernting is that if we can interpret the signs of the times (as Jesus said) then how long can it be until these things happen?

  • Lynn
    Posted at 06:16h, 10 January

    Thank you for this very timely production.
    So needed in these days.
    May many in the Church have their eyes opened to these truths.
    May they read the Prophets with understanding.
    May the LORD bring the Salvation of His people Israel speedily in these days.
    The song ‘Immanuel’ at the end brought the truth and reality that we must never lose sight of.

  • Ejembi patrick oko
    Posted at 09:44h, 11 November

    I wonder if i can get a physical copy(dvd)of covenant and controversy 1&2 and the city of the great king


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