Covenant and Controversy

In partnership with Frontier Alliance International, I am very excited to announce a forthcoming series of documentary films titled: COVENANT AND CONTROVERSY. I am honored to be serving as an executive producer for this truly critical project. Filming for the first film is now done.

In the next month or so watch for the release of the first trailer for the first film: “The Great Rage.” In the meantime watch for updates and behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and frame-grabs from the actual film at the COVENANT AND CONTROVERSY site.

We are thrilled to be able to release these films free of charge. In order to do so, we need help covering the costs of production. With filming behind us, our most pressing need at this stage is financial resources to cover the cost of post-production.

Would you consider partnering with us by investing into the completion of the first film? And if you share our burden for the continued production of the series, would you consider becoming a monthly partner? The costs are as ongoing as production itself.

For more information, click here to go directly to the COVENANT AND CONTROVERSY site.

  • David Baird
    Posted at 05:11h, 01 June

    Hi Joel

    When end times eye witness came out, in interviews around that time, you said that you would release a 2nd video of additional footage later next year ( which is now this year). Is this that video?

  • Joel
    Posted at 09:49h, 01 June


    No, we have the Global Jesus Revolution due out later this year.

  • Kire Cree
    Posted at 11:32h, 04 June


    I emailed an interview request to you can you take a look at it.



  • Joel
    Posted at 12:38h, 04 June

    Hi Kire,

    I apologize, but I will have to pass. Thank you for the consideration and understanding.


  • Karen Smith
    Posted at 19:21h, 10 June

    Joel, I have just been watching a horrible film on Youtube, called Marching to Zion. Have you seen this film? It is so disturbing… I can’t see how this could be anything but anti-semetism…

    Just thought you might have seen it, or be interested. I know you are a very, very busy man, but if you ever take the time to write a blog post response, I’d love to read what your thoughts are about it.

  • Steve Radanovich
    Posted at 21:45h, 10 June


    Thank you for your hard work, I enjoy listening to your careful and humble commentary on Bible Prophecy and the times we live in. I have read and/or viewed most of your work. I am currently reading God’s War on Terror which you co-authored with Walid Shoebat. Do you still have a working relationship with Walid? I appreciate you both for refining my understanding and giving me a more Middle-Eastern centric view of Eschatology.

  • Howard
    Posted at 17:26h, 01 October

    Hi Joel,

    We received this e-mail from a friend who highly recommends the documentary, and tells how it helped her to come to a resolution. I’m looking forward to watching, too. Blessings as your work goes on.

    “Last night I went to the screening of a documentary that most thoroughly and fairly treats the subject of anti-Semitism from the Christian perspective. I was seriously impressed. Most treatments of the subject have a bent towards two different theological extremes. The bent is either towards replacement theology or towards dispensationalism. This is the first film I’ve seen that walks the fine line in between with uncompromising intensity and confidence. And it’s only the first of a five part series! I’m so excited for the coming films! As many of you know, I have spent many years wrestling with the Israeli-Palestinian issue myself and have often felt caught between a rock and a hard place with my compassion for and intimate knowledge of both sides. Of course, this has caused me to also wrestle with my theology on the subject. I have come to the fine line in between…God has an undeniable plan for the Jewish people to which He has and will remain faithful because He does not go back on His promises and if He doesn’t remain faithful or if He does go back on His promises, then what hope does anyone in this world have? The fate of the Jews is intricately connected to the fate of the world and that, along with the question of the character of God are at the heart of the great rage of the nations against the Jews in the form of anti-Semitism in its various expressions. I have not always been as explicit in expressing my views but this film has emboldened me. God cares about each and every person in this world from the beginning of time to the end. We’re all sinful including Israel and the Jews. I don’t believe that Israel has treated Palestinians fairly a lot of the time. I’ve seen it. I have friends across the entire spectrum of the Israeli-Palestinian question, from Ultra-Orthodox Jews to Reformed to secular to Messianic Jews Israeli or not, from fundamentalist to moderate to secular Muslim and Christian Palestinians and other Arab countries. The story is not over, my friends. It simply isn’t over. God knows what He’s doing and He loves us in spite of us…His justice and mercy are perfect. Psalm 85:10 says it well “Mercy and truth meet together. Righteousness (or Justice) and peace have kissed each other.”

    All of this is at the heart of why I sense God directing me to the Middle East. He is doing something there behind the scenes that’s drawing Jew and Gentile together…a masterpiece of reconciliation that only He could orchestrate. Romans 11 explains it well as does Isaiah 19. Division is so painful. Let us stand on Truth, lift Him up and allow Him to draw all unto Himself in unbreakable union that when all breaks down still stands.

    So, the documentary “Covenant and Controversy: Part 1 The Great Rage” is showing for free online this Thurs, Oct 1: Please watch it!

    Much love to you all,”

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