Ankawa Evangelical Church, Erbil, Iraq

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This past week, while visiting northern Iraq, I had the tremendous opportunity to preach in the Ankawa Evangelical Church, the largest evangelical church in northern Iraq. My sermon begins at the 35 minute mark. Thank you Pastor Ghassan and Ankawa Evangelical Church for receiving me and allowing me to be with you all. May the Lord richly pour out His spirit on the church in Erbil.

  • giles
    Posted at 20:21h, 08 February

    what was the deal the taxi girl made with Jesus, and what did the Salafi man dream? that part was all muted out

  • Joel
    Posted at 22:12h, 08 February

    She basically said, okay, I will change my plans, and have the taxi driver take me to a place where there are a lot of people, get out first and then tell him. The dream was of Jesus telling him things that conflicted with the Qur’an. The final dream is where he said that, “So that you will know that it is I who have been speaking to you, tomorrow a young Christian girl will get into the taxi and take her to her location, she will get out, give you the money and tell you I love you.” All happened as he said. The man has been baptized since then.

  • Robert Young
    Posted at 03:42h, 10 February

    Wow, that was so great. I can’t imagine living in that area and seeing the prophesies that are unfolding and what to look forward to.

  • Carmen
    Posted at 21:16h, 10 February


    Thank you for your courage to go and encourage our brothers in Iraq. I enjoyed Isaiah 19 in context with what is going right now in Egypt…Powerful.

    In relationship to Jerusalem, I was wondering if you read Bob Cornuke’s latest book about the temple? I would like your thoughts about the book.

  • Joel
    Posted at 23:15h, 10 February

    Mr. Cornuke’s book may be entirely accurate. It seems convincing. But I know that the Jewish rabbis certainly do not accept that, so I would be willing to bet the forthcoming Jewish Temple will be on the Temple Mount. Now, as far as the forthcoming Millennial Temple, which will be build when Jesus returns, that will be where it is supposed to be. If Mr. Cornuke is correct, then that is where it will be. But Jesus will make that quite clear, I’m sure.

  • Kathy
    Posted at 03:11h, 11 February

    Joel, that was excellent. It just made such good Biblical sense. The Iraqi Christians must have been so encouraged. We’re going to have to grow in our Biblical faith here in the U.S….go from being a mile wide and an inch deep, to the other way around; or there are going to be too many unpleasant surprises in the near future.

  • Joel
    Posted at 21:47h, 11 February

    Thanks Kathy. Deeply appreciated.

  • David Roberts
    Posted at 12:45h, 12 February

    The first time I heard about the temple being south of the temple mount in the city of David at the Gihon springs was years ago by someone of Jewish ancestry. He recommended the book: The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot

    There’s a great illustration of it here:

  • David Roberts
    Posted at 12:49h, 12 February

    His two main points were that.

    1) Jesus’ prophecy about the stones actually came true. The stones which remain are not from the Holy Temple.
    2) Mark 13:14 talks about the abomination of desolation “standing where it ought not,” he understood this to refer to the temple being built where it not ought be, in a way not acceptable to God.

  • Andy
    Posted at 16:36h, 14 February

    Joel, this was an encouraging message and scenario knowing you and your team are in the region. Praying for clarity in the Word and sensitivity to His Spirit as you minister.

  • Juan
    Posted at 05:44h, 23 July

    Dear prayer warriors : my name is Juan from Houston Texas USA. Please pray for our house hold family members in Houston Texas USA for financial situation so we will have money and help the land of Iraq. Specially in Kurdistan and karakush or other places in Iraq that need help. I’m so sorry to hear what is happening in Iraq specifically with dirty Isis mess. Iraq will be restore eventually. Remember the Lord Jesus Christ said in John 15. I will not leave you orphans. I will come to you. I. Hebrew he said I wouldn’t leave you or forsake his word is very true ! Sincerely
    Juan de Dios from Houston Texas USA. GOD bless All of yall

  • hadi qais
    Posted at 21:39h, 05 February

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  • Toma Gabriel
    Posted at 09:20h, 30 March

    Do you have an evangelical church in Sulaimania? if so, please I need the address and telephone number. Thanks

  • Joel
    Posted at 10:31h, 30 March

    I’m not familiar with Saimania.

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