Jabhat Al-Nusra Releases Video Showing Its Takeover Of Military Post Near Golan Heights


On April 23, 2014, Jabhat Al-Nusra (JN) released a video documenting the group’s recent takeover of the Western Tal Al-Ahmar (“The Red Hill”), a Syrian military post near the Golan Heights in Al-Quneitra governorate.

The video, which is 12:20 in duration and was released on Al-Fida’ forum, also incorporates several nasheeds (Islamic songs) about Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem). It begins by showing a group of JN men on their way to the Western Tal Al-Ahmar, followed by various battle scenes. JN men are seen firing at the Syrian military post situated at the top of the hill.

Images of the battle’s aftermath are shown next, including one of piled-up bodies of Syrian soldiers in a ditch.

Next, a JN man is seen standing with bodies of Syrian soldiers at his feet. The man says that JN is on the “front line of defending the Muslim ummah,” against the “Safavid-Rafidite alliance,” (Iranian-Hezbollah Alliance) which, he says, extends from Qom (Iran) to Beirut’s southern neighborhood (i.e. The Dahieh, Hezbollah’s stronghold). The man adds that JN is also fighting the Zionist-Crusader alliance that occupies Muslim lands.

Sami Al-‘Aridi, a prominent JN figure is seen next, sitting on top of a hill while surrounded by a group of JN men. Al-‘Aridi, who appears emotional from the moment, says that “this scene speaks [for itself].” He adds that this area was controlled by unbelief, but that now “the banner of taw hid (Islamic monotheism) is raised over it” and that the victory here was achieved due to Allah’s grace. The banner (of tawhid), he says, was first raised in this century by Osama bin Laden, and shall continue to be raised and “move from [one] lion to [another]… until it reaches Muhammad… the Mahdi.” The era of epic battles, he adds, began with the 9/11 raids.

An unidentified man then thanks the mujahideen for raising the banner of tawhid on the hills in Tel-Ahmar area. This scene, he says, reminds us of the “lion of Islam, the lion of the mujahideen Osama bin Laden…this scene reminds us of Sheikh Osama [bin Laden] when he was [standing] on the mountains of Tora Bora…”

  • Gabe
    Posted at 22:26h, 27 April

    Hi All:

    On a related note, here’s a detailed Clarion article on the recent al-Wuhayshi meeting in Yemen with al-Qaeda leadership. Anyone who thinks that only the Twelvers are looking for al-Mahdi should read this. Even the “moderate” Islamic al-Azhar University in Cairo, the center of Sunni learning where our current president spoke to Muslim leaders several years ago, teaches that Jesus will return to “break the Cross.”



  • linda keyes
    Posted at 12:56h, 01 May

    Just read a report of two Syrian opposition rebels being crucified by isis, i think they may have been dead before they were placed on the crosses, isis soldiers mocked that they could be the new false Jesus.

    To be honest sometimes talk is all well meant and easy. I can not truly say what i would do faced with an islamist with a knife threating to behead me (the guillotine would be a bit more mercyful). My old Pastor used to say that God wont give us tomorrow’s grace today. Since i first read about the inquisitions in the dark ages, i have asked the Lord that if i have to die, can it please be with a bullet.

    How much we need His manifest grace.

  • Gabe
    Posted at 04:40h, 05 May

    Sobering infographic on the magnitude of the Syrian refugee crisis:


    Blessings to all,

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