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Pastor Dan Catlin and I chat about various subjects such the upcoming as “blood moons”, repentance, my upcoming films, and Isaiah 19. Interview length about 53 minutes. Click here to listen

  • good4u
    Posted at 05:10h, 04 January

    The prayer movement in Egypt that was spoken about during your interview was humbling and how far the Western Church has fallen from what God commands for our country to be healed. We here as Western Christians have much to be held accountable for before our pagan culture will turn from its wickedness, and it starts with us returning to the Lord in repentance.

    Worthwhile interview to hear what your plans are for your upcoming book and helping and equipping those who are mission-minded in the 10/40 window. As well as updates on your other current projects.

    So glad I took the time to listen!


  • Vernon
    Posted at 15:55h, 04 January

    Great interview Joel!

    The dilemma of the western church was the subject of conversation at a gathering last night. I was also able to share the Islamic Antichrist paradigm with a Pastor who was in attendance. He was quite stunned!

  • Robert Macniel
    Posted at 22:46h, 04 January

    Hi Joel, Great interview, very informative. I actually wonder about something you said. During the time of Jacobs Trouble and even now with Christians being persecuted world wide, in the light of Mat. 25 what is it that you think we as individuals can do to help persecuted Christians and to help the Jewish people in those days? I have been wondering about how to help out but other then sending a donation here and there I cant really think of anything substantial that would do persecuted Christians and Jews any good. Do you have thoughts on that?

  • Joel
    Posted at 23:27h, 04 January

    Hi Michael,

    To a degree, it is difficult to know beforehand. However, I believe that we begin with simple things like learning how to be hospitable. If a million refugees flooded into our nation, would we be able to or willing to let a family or two stay in our home? And if they came, would you be able to help them? So many today are prepping for the purpose of self-preservation, but few are truly prepping for the purpose of the gospel. As far as making donations now, I would only give to organizations that are reputable and trustworthy organizations whose financials are open for the public to review that are helping those in the greatest need etc. For my part, I know some folks in Jordan who are working directly with Syrian refugees. I know the money goes directly to help.

  • Craig
    Posted at 23:51h, 06 January

    Hi Joel,

    Excellent interview and very informative. I have learned a lot from you in the last few months. My questions is the same as the writer before, “What kind of practical things can we do to help?” I have found found a missionary to help in the middle east reaching out to muslims. What about this person in Jordan? Could I send him a donation? What did you mean in an interview I heard where you were discussing Corrie Ten Boom houses? Are these in existence now?

    Thank you Joel again,


  • Joel
    Posted at 02:02h, 07 January


    E-mail me and I will give you the contacts


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