Syria today, Jerusalem tomorrow

The following video documents the increasing number of foreign jihadis fighting alongside the most radical Sunni groups in Syria. They have come from nations like England, France and the Netherlands. I found the comments that begin at 4:33 to be quite noteworthy, though entirely expected. One foreign soldier pointing to his weapon and says:

“With this weapon, we’ll write the story of the new Caliphate. With this weapon we will remove all tyrants. And from this land, we march towards al-Aqsa (Jerusalem). In the name of Allah, Allahu Akhbar!”

Of course, I’m sure many preterists and anti-Zionists will simply claim that these jihadis with goals of conquering Jerusalem are all simply being orchestrated by Zionist, fundamentalist Christians in order to self-fulfill their millennialist prophecies and sick anti-Semitic apocalyptic fantasies. Just kidding of course. The left generally ignores this sort of thing, so long as it comes from Muslims, as extremely rare anomalies. Acknowledging these radicals only empowers them and so forth…

  • barasheet
    Posted at 06:03h, 11 November

    How dare they censor stuff they dont agree with….leftist nazis..

  • Joel
    Posted at 10:50h, 11 November


    This post has nothing to do with censorship. Your comment makes no sense. You however have not been censored. You have been deleted. You have had the privilege of being heard revoked. The freedom of speech does not guarantee the freedom to be heard. That is a privilege. While I have always allowed views to be expressed here that I do not necessarily agree with, I delete comments from posters whom I deem to be hateful, overly combative, arrogant and condescending, or which promote outright heresy. Concerning those who are combative or uncivil towards others, if they continue to display such behavior, they are banned permanently. Your follow up comments, which I have since deleted, and your ongoing reaction even here, has entirely validated my decision.

  • Strings
    Posted at 21:25h, 11 November

    Hi Joel,

    A few years ago now I sent you something similar a few years ago where the Taliban fighters (Black Flags Khorosan) were discussing moving on to Jerusalem after liberating Afganistan.

    It is clearly the end goal, check out this tweet I saw on the web from a jihadi account which has a picture showing Daraa in Syria where they are currently fighting, with arrows towards Al Quds and how they are only 160km from their goal.

    To quote “now we fight in Daraa, with our eyes to Al Quds”


  • Joel
    Posted at 23:54h, 11 November


    Yes, this is from the group, the Islamic State/Caliphate of Iraq and Syria

  • David W. Lincoln
    Posted at 18:19h, 15 November

    Joel, my thanks to you, Walid Shoebat, and comrades in arms for shining light where some would prefer to not have light shine.

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