• David W. Lincoln
    Posted at 15:40h, 07 September

    Having a third option, so that it isn’t just about two warring Muslim sects – this is in our best interests.

    I’m also on disqus.com and when King Abdullah of Jordan is viewed as the rightful king of the Syrians, we don’t have to stick with the borders that were drawn on the map of what was the Ottoman Empire, by the British & the French.

  • good4u
    Posted at 16:26h, 07 September

    Holy cow, Joel! This is like reading what will happen in Syria BEFORE it happens! *gulp* The article by Dr. Furnish is astounding! The last sentence in his article sent chills down my spine: “The Obama Administration would do well to consider the apocalyptic aspects of the Syrian civil war before committing our forces to helping those of the Mahdi or the 12th Imam.” Could it really be that my generation could actually see the Book of Revelation and Daniel’s 70th week take place right before my very eyes in my lifetime? And we have America to “thank” for hastening those days with blood dripping from our hands? I am grieved…

  • Vernon
    Posted at 00:58h, 08 September

    I read this article twice…a very powerful and though provoking piece! The link to the post which gives insight into the various groups fighting in Syria was amazing! It exposes the bias and deception the western media perpetrate in their coverage of world events – especially where such events are so intimately connected to biblical prophecy. Thanks for posting Joel. I am learning a whole lot!

  • O.A. Fish
    Posted at 04:39h, 11 September

    The iron and clay really don’t mix! This article made for a livily discussion in our Monday bible studyl

  • Tina
    Posted at 16:53h, 16 September

    Is anyone aware that http://www.mahdiwatch.org has been removed?

  • David W. Lincoln
    Posted at 17:10h, 16 September

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