The Faith and Liberty Talk Show: The Goals of Islam

Several weeks back, just after returning from Turkey, I had the opportunity to appear as a guest on the Faith and Liberty Talk Show with Dave Garrison. It felt as though it was a very good discussion. I had the chance to discuss Islam and its goals, as well as share a bit about my trip to the Middle East and the upcoming documentary. There are a few ways that you can listen to the one hour program. You can listen directly from on their web-site. Or you can download the show for free on iTunes.

  • Karen Hosier
    Posted at 15:12h, 21 August

    I listened to your excellent discussion with Dave Garrison last night. I also listened to Robert Spencer. I’ve been following Robert and Walid for about a decade. I was introduced to you through God’s War on Terror. I’ve watched the first DVD of The Return is Near and I’m on Chapter 6 of Mideast Beast. I emailed you previously and mentioned sitting under a pastor who believes in replacement theology. How sad.

    Joel, I have been studying Islam and listening to a variety of voices for years. As far as eschatology your views ring more true than any others I’ve heard. Thank you for all that you offer to this discussion.

    I am a 60 year old disabled grandmother of seven living on Social Security. I often wonder why I am seemingly obsessed with this course of study. I’ve been a Christian for almost 30 years, coming to the Lord late in life. I’ve always recognized the Jewishness of the Bible and honored our Hebraic roots. I am no one in the world and do not offer anything to the discussion. I keep asking the Lord what His purpose for me in this is. I know part of it is to train and educate my grandchildren. Fortunately my sons are all Christians.

    Sorry if I am rambling on but I mostly want to say thank you for being such an intelligent, caring voice regarding the Islamic agenda. I am an intercessor and know that is part of the Lords plan for me. I pray regularly for the persecuted church, Israel, Egypt and individuals working within this scene such as you and Walid.

    I look forward to your new documentary. I am praying to see if I can help you financially. If I can pray more specifically please let me know.

    Yours in Yeshua,
    Karen Hosier

  • James Halfacre
    Posted at 03:52h, 26 August

    I don’t know who to comment to, Karen, or Joel. I can only say to Karen , that is my story almost to the letter. I am a great grandfather and have been obsessed with eschatology since my conversion to Jesus, 43 years ago. I am 69 and feel helpless also. The comfort of it is that I see God’s hand in control and there really is not much I can do. The scriptures of the army of the Man of lawlessness as well as the Beast who’s deadly wound to his head ( the soon coming reinstored Caliphate being the healing of that deadly wound) and the rider on the white horse coming to conquer, all swim around in my mind as I read and hear of the coming of al Mahdi. I saw Joel in Nashville back in 2011 (or was it 2012?). I have a revived theology since that seminar. But this has put me in a place where no one understands or even cares to listen to my input. They seem to be very content with believing the Pope will be the antiChrist and that Jesus will rapture us out before it all, anyway. On top of this, all of the things we have come to see and believe sets the stage for a new cult, should pride enter into a group with a different outlook. My pastor, while trying to appease me, only frutrates me all the more. He declares he is not of any belief that we shall replace Israel but he is insisting that only those who believe in the 5 fold ministry of the church and the Melchizedek order shall enter into the Holy of Holies. Am I just one more crazy voice in a world of crazy people. I sometimes remember the 60s and think how relaxing it was to smoke a joint and not even be involved in the controversies that abound. I fear that all this has convinced you too that I need to be in a cage. I thank you Joel. The wisdom which is from above is peaceful, pure, and simple to believe.

  • Frank
    Posted at 16:53h, 30 August

    Whereas I do not have the experience of most in this area, I can relate to the intense draw to studying and being aware of the happenings going on in the world. I do have a desire to teach our Youth about these events although relating the relevance to their lives can be challenging. A wonderful website with a fine touch to the Scriptures here is great. Thanks for all you hard work and efforts. Prayer to all brothers and sisters across the world for patience in the Lord and strength that He will provide. God bless

  • Susan Gates
    Posted at 20:23h, 01 December

    When your eternal world knows that something is wrong,you search for the TRUTH. Previous comments are exactly right because I thought that I was the only one who knew. You are on the right track. You will know when you hear true Prophets see Noah Hutchings at SWCR Your answer

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