• Ron Meck
    Posted at 15:44h, 30 May


    I agree completely that Germany is not a driving force. The international bodies all supported the rebels and the muslims in eastern european region over the years. I would actually argue that America is a driving force more than Germany. But the author, while he may be spot on is missing the point. The point is the revival of the Ottoman empire. That would be the first time in all of recorded history in which an previous empire that ended, would be re-established.

    We are seeing the King of the south form his 3 nation alliance. The king of the north is working fervently with the most influential nations on earth to further the revival of the Ottoman Empire.

    I believe the driving force behind the king of the south (Egypt) rising against the king north (Turkey) is that they are competing for the same goal and the king of the south wants to ensure that he rules the empire (power hungry). We know how it will turn out of course.

    This is an exciting time for those of us who are “in the know” so to speak, because we get to watch it as it happens. We get to see the end days play out.

    But at the same time it saddens me, because so many will be deceived as Jesus says in Matthew 24 about the great falling away. Also many will turn away because of persecution.

    Thanks for sharing that article.

  • David W. Lincoln
    Posted at 17:35h, 30 May

    When I read http://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Report-Iran-Indonesia-sign-trade-agreement-amid-sanctions-314936 the neo-Ottoman Empire could be larger than the older one.

  • hec
    Posted at 22:24h, 30 May


    I am in the middle of reading your book, Islamic Antichrist. Congratulations on it. It really is a very good read and extremely compelling. But I do have a disagreement with your view on Jesus being the son of Israel. How can you confuse the “woman” with Israel,? Its obvious to me that its talking about Mary,the mother of Jesus. I am Catholic and I do believe that your book is accurate regarding the antichrist and Mahdi being the same. But I also believe that our heavenly mother will play a part in this. I understand that Mary is not a popular figure to noncatholic christians but im convinced that the lord will use her to warn us for his glory. . If you can read Garabandal book by Dayley. I think when the lord pours out his spirit like it says in Ezekiel 38 to sanctify and magnify himself to the world will coincide with the miracle at garabandal. I know you used to be catholic but I am happy that you have found the lord. God bless you always and thanks so much for your book. It really is a good read.

  • Daniel McCarthy
    Posted at 22:40h, 30 May

    Hi Guys,

    I disagree…I believe it can be easily proven that Germany has its national interest tied to a strong Turkey/Ottoman Empire. Germany is not rich in natural resources, which is one historic reason that it has always allied itself with the Arabs (going back to the Kaisers of the 19th Century). They need the oil and natural resources of the Middle East. GErmany was also a major player in trying to get Turkey as a member of the EU. France and the UK blocked this move back in the 1990’s and the early 2000’s. Germany did stir up Jihad in the Middle Eastern territories as an underground war against France and England in the 1860’s through the 1890’s. IN the first two world war’s they pushed for soveriegnty of the Middle Eastern States in a guerilla war. This is part of how the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in the 1920’s. This is similar to how the US brought Al Qaeda to power through the Afghan war with the USSR.

    Germany is engineering a takeover of Europe right now through its currency. What they could not do in two world wars, they are probably going to do with economic hegemony without firing a shot in the next 10 years. A strategic partnership with a resurrected Ottoman Empire will be powerful.

  • Joel
    Posted at 00:47h, 31 May


    I’ve actually listened to all of Scott Hahn’s exposition of Revelation. He certainly has some good insights, but I found far too much of his approach to be based on retroactively inserting a Roman Catholic perspective into the Scriptures, rather than building on the foundation of the Old Testament. If one interprets the “Woman” of Rev 12 as primarily and literally referring to Mary, the literal mother of Jesus, then Catholic dogma concerning her remaining a virgin is shown to be false as the text says that the woman has other children. While Jesus did say that Mary would become John’s mother, the Scriptures nowhere say that Mary is our mother, rather Jerusalem (Galatians 4:26). The woman of Rev 12 is clearly a reference to the dream of Joseph in Genesis, in my view. The notion that it is Jerusalem, Israel is also validated in that it is Israel that is consistently seen as being persecuted by Satan for the 42 months or 3.5 years that is referenced within the text. See for example Daniel 12 and Matthew 24. As always, God knows best.

    Many Blessings!

    And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent. And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth. So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. Rev 12:13-18

  • hec
    Posted at 02:06h, 31 May

    Thanks for responding. But we are all her children through Jesus Christ who is our brother. Thats what Jesus meant when he was on the cross telling john… ” behold your mother” and telling Mary ” behold your son”.. I guess time will tell. I expect for Israel to suffer a lot and god forbid but expect a world holocaust of christians and jews. In the garabandal story from the mid 60s ..Mary explained and predicted the priest sex scandals in the catholic church. Mary explained to The seers that the world will encounter a warning from god where the entire world will see ourselves thru gods eyes… god will magnify himself and everyone on earth will know that god indeed exists. Apparently its suppose to happen soon. I suspect that it will take place when things in the world look hopeless.

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  • Joel
    Posted at 11:26h, 31 May

    Thanks Hec. Blessings

  • Ron Meck
    Posted at 19:43h, 31 May


    When we have Christ, there is always hope. Nothing, with Christ, is hopeless. Stay close to the Lord, brother.

  • Daniel McCarthy
    Posted at 20:27h, 31 May

    Hi Hec,

    I would love to see you interact with the specifics that Joel brought up. I think we do have a theological disagrement over Jesus saying that Mary would be the mother to John. I believe that meant that John was to take care of Mary because Jesus would be gone. I do not see how this extends to Mary being our Mother. Also, the priest sex scandal was well known in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was just brought to light later on to the public. I appreciate your perspective.

  • chris
    Posted at 23:00h, 31 May

    Hey Joel,
    my old friend Riots in turkey big time ! some say the prime minister,erdogon with his muslim brotherhood will be overthrown a turkish spring/summer ?
    then that would benifit russia greatly ! remember coups happen alot in turkey the military isnt religious it prides itself on being for the people. text me or email me God bless ya joel.

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