Netanyahu’s Apology and Erdogan’s Hypocrisy


Most are aware by now that through the pressure of US President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently apologized to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan for the deaths of nine Muslims who were killed after they violently attacked (and stabbed) several Israeli soldiers as they boarded the Mavi Maramara flotilla. When I heard that Netanyahu had apologized, I was both saddened and disappointed. Yet once more, Israel had taken the high road. Israel had made the concessions, and those on the other side used the opportunity to gloat and revel in their “victory” while belittling Israel. The Obama-Erdogan axis had won, and truth and justice had been cast to the ground.

It needs to be recalled that the men who died, had only hours before, been chanting racist and genocidal slogans, calling for the massacre of all Jews. These are Islamic chants every bit as vile and wicked as anything heard during the Nazi era. The videos were widely reported upon in the days after the incident, but today most seem determined to brush their memory under the rug. Afterall, these so-called “peace activists” were chanting “Khaibar, Khaibar, ya Yahud, Jaish Muhammad sa ya’ud!” Translated this means, “Remember Khaibar, oh Jews, the Army of Muhammad will return!” Khaibar was the village where Muhammad and his Muslim followers massacred an entire village of Jews. So here was a group chanting genocidal slogans, calling for the slaughter of Jews, (not just Israelis mind you) after purposefully and knowingly breaking the law, violently attacked those (Jews) who were enforcing it, and as a result they died in the process. Remind me again why anyone with even the slightest sense of justice would dictate that Israel should apologize. It would seem to me that it is the Turkish government that supported the flotilla that owes Israel an apology. But now that Netanyahu has humbled himself, Erdogan is using the opportunity to further humiliate and shame Israel and flaunt his exalted status. It is truly shameful.

Below is the video of the Muslim “peace-activists” supported by the Turkish government:

And a good article from Al-Monitor discussing Erdogan’s hypocritical response to Netanyahu’s apology. Read the full story at Al-Monitor

  • O.A. Fish
    Posted at 01:49h, 02 April

    Joel, every time I click on the full story Al-Monitor tag, it kicks off my internet connection.

  • Gina
    Posted at 06:01h, 02 April


    [Sorry for mistyping my previous comment.]

    I like your expression:
    “The Obama-Erdogan axis had won, and truth and justice had been cast to the ground.”

    In the present situation, I am convinced that Obama is much more dangerous than Erdogan is. Obama is dangerous for the USA and he is dangerous for Israel. And this is to say the least.


  • Deane
    Posted at 12:24h, 02 April

    Interesting political comment Joel. Obviously though you don’t think that chanting racist songs actually justified the execution of these activists do you.


  • Joel
    Posted at 20:02h, 02 April

    Couldn’t hold your tongue, could you Deanne? Hatred is a hard thing to contain. Of course chants do not justify killings, but these particular chants certainly demonstrate what the intentions of these “activists” were when they brutally attacked the Israeli soldiers with clubs and knives. I would hope you would agree that the Israelis had the right to defend their lives. Sadly, these killings were entirely justified.

    Video of the numerous smuggled weapons found aboard the “peace” flotilla:

    Video of Israeli soldier being beaten with metal bars and stabbed:

  • Daniel McCarthy
    Posted at 23:47h, 02 April

    They did not die due to their exercise of speech, but their engagement in violence. There is no question that they would have killed the soldiers if they were not in turn stopped with lethal force. They deserved the fate they chose. It is impossible to argue otherwise unless you believe Israel does not have a right to defend its homeland.

  • Christine
    Posted at 14:00h, 03 April

    And now it seems Israel is ready to build a natural gas pipeline through Turkey to get the gas to world market? Strange “partners” we choose.
    <bTurkey: Israel Offers To Build Gas Pipeline
    April 3, 2013 | 1047 GMT

    Israel has told Turkey it is willing to build a gas pipeline through Turkish territory to export its gas to world markets, Trend and the Sabah newspaper reported April 2. The capacity of the project would be 15-16 billion cubic meters, Sabah reported. Israel's ability to leverage recent energy finds will be complicated by enduring regional dynamics. from Calvary Prophecy report email update

  • Earl
    Posted at 14:53h, 03 April

    “…you don’t think that chanting racist songs actually justified the execution of these activists do you.” (Quoted in context from Deana’s comment above)
    Evidently this person, Deanna, is lacking in knowing the difference between self defense and murder. Execution, as used here, is not even relevant to the event and as used in the post is nothing but a word being misused with the hope of swaying hearts susceptible to inflammatory language.

    Love ya but your comment is sad,

  • Earl
    Posted at 14:58h, 03 April

    Excellent information to have about what they are chanting in Aarabic and its cultural meaning. Thanks Joel. I don’t find this truth often in the news and the horror of genocide evidently has not finished its work in the human hearts. The father of lies is always at work and the worse lie of all is the denial of the Son of God.

  • good4u
    Posted at 23:06h, 03 April


    Why do you allow the poster Deane to continue when she is clearly anti-semitic? She obviously and unnecessarily provokes you and distracts other posters from the topic of the thread at hand. You have a fabulous and informative blog and to allow her to continue with such inflammatory and unproductive posts is a disservice in my opinion. Your tolerance for a wide variety of viewpoints is appreciated even if they are different from your own is important, but not to the point to where it diminishes our witness. I hope you do the right thing here.


  • Joel
    Posted at 00:12h, 04 April

    Hi Good4U,

    Great to hear from you. I’ve actually banned Deanne, but I did allow her comment here to be posted for illustrative purposes. Sadly, those who espouse such transparent anti-Semitism, (yet who do their best to cloak it with a facade of Christianity) are increasingly all too common in the Church. But if it comforts you, her follow up flutter of comments have not been allowed to be posted.


  • David W. Lincoln
    Posted at 16:18h, 04 April

    Hello Joel:

    Did you see this and I take it you are about as surprised, as you are seeing the sun rise in the east, and setting in the west.

  • Michael Lewis
    Posted at 15:48h, 08 April

    Just saw you on Sid Roth’s archives. You are one of the best speakers I’ve heard on end times . You and Walid Shoebet agree on who the ten nations are and you both have enlightened me on end time stuff which before I’d avoided as a lot it is weird speculation.

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