Charlie Daniels: American Musical Legend, Patriot, Committed Servant of Jesus Christ

It has been a true pleasure this past year to become friends with both musical legend, Charlie Daniels, and his son, Charlie Jr. Both father and son are solid believers and avid students of Bible prophecy. Even as I am a fan of Charlie’s music, so was I surprised to learn that Charlie is a fan of my books and teaching materials. And so I was greatly blessed to receive the following endorsement from Charlie for my newest book Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist.

“To describe Joel Richardson’s new book, Mideast Beast, as innovative would be like calling Lake Pontchartrain a mud puddle or Mount Everest a foothill. It is innovation on steroids, sounding a dissonant note in a very old symphony and pouring brand new wine into some ancient wine skins, all with rational and easily available biblical underpinning.” —Charlie Daniels, American musical legend

And don’t forget to check out the new film featuring Charlie and several other notable commentators as they discuss the end times and “America’s last chance”: Behold a Pale Horse

  • Joel Varner
    Posted at 01:04h, 29 August

    That’s awesome, Joel! Congrats on the endorsement and keep up the good work, brother!

  • David777
    Posted at 10:21h, 29 August

    Cool, I love his music to. Blessings from Norway!

  • william hamel
    Posted at 17:14h, 22 May

    There is nothing more enjoyable than to hear a great musician praising God

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