Sharing the Gospel with Millions of Iranians!

This past Friday was truly one of the most exciting days of my life. I was blessed to have the opportunity to share my testimony, the Gospel, and God’s love for the Iranian people on Network-SeVen, an Iranian satellite program, watched live by approximately 3 to 6 million Iranians! The show is hosted by Dr. Hormoz Shariat, (known as “the Billy Graham of Iran”) of Iran Alive Ministries. Dr. Shariat and Iran Alive Ministries are being used mightily by the LORD to help transform Iran. I cannot imagine any ministry more deserving of the support of the global Church than Iran Alive. Few Western believers are aware of the fact that the single greatest revival in the world is taking place right now in the nation of Iran. Despite the tremendous resistance, the Church in Iran is growing by approximately 20% per year. This is an amazing moment of opportunity to bring Jesus to the Iranian people, who are so deeply in need of the message of eternal life that only he offers. In the days ahead, I am looking forward to partnering further with Iran Alive and Dr. Hormoz. Please remember to pray for Iran, for the Church there, and as I have emphasized before, that war can be averted and that cooler heads would prevail. In the next few days, I’ll post the full one hour interview. Below is a short video introducing the work of Iran Alive:

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