Insider Movements: Biblically Incredible or Incredibly Brilliant? By Jeff Morton

Many visitors to this blog are familiar with the growing crisis in missions revolving around contextualization. While all missionaries are committed to contextualizing the gospel, many missions organizations are openly promoting a radical approach to contextualization. This approach has led to what is commonly known as the “Insider Movement,” or sometimes referred to more pejoratively, though not entirely inaccurately as “Chrislam”. This movement, in short, is a significant source of controversy, confusion, compromise, syncretism, heresy, and in many cases, outright apostasy. For all who are keen to understand the trends that are effecting the Church and especially those who desire to reach Muslims with the gospel, this is the issue to understand. Finally, Jeff Morton, a seasoned missionary and missiologist, committed to loving and reaching Muslims has written Insider Movements: Biblical Incredible, or Incredibly Brilliant? exposing the deeply unbiblical nature of this movement and methodology. Jeff’s work cuts to the core of the many issues at hand, making a seemingly complicated issue very simple. I highly recommend this book!

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