Now Available – Mideast Beast: Pre-Release Copies

Well, I think the post title says it all. While the official release of the book on Amazon and major booksellers will not be until September 4, the publisher (WND books) has provided me a limited number of copies to sell exclusively to my friends here at Joel’s Trumpet. You can buy it below or click the “Store” link above if you are also purchasing other items. Of course, all pre-release copies will be signed. Discount prices below include shipping and handling. (While Amazon’s price will be $14.17, once you add tax and shipping, I am slightly cheaper). If you are blessed by the book, (come July, when the book is officially released) please consider writing a brief review on Amazon or one of the other major bookseller’s sites to help make this book a success. When you purchase it here, all funds go toward the next “Richardson” family adoption. As always, thank you so much for your interest and support. Many Blessings!

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