Rick Warren’s Tower of Babel?

By Joel Richardson

An article in the Orange County Register reports that Rick Warren, the man dubbed “America’s Pastor,” has launched a new program called “King’s Way,” the purpose of which is to promote peace and unity between Muslims and Christians. As part of their effort to promote their mutual goals, Warren’s pastoral staff and local Muslim leaders have co-authored a document outlining the points of agreement between Muslims and Christians. It affirms that both Muslims and Christians together believe in “one God” and share the “love of God” and “love of neighbor.” The document also include a mutual commitment to three goals: Making friends with one another, building peace and working on shared social service projects. The document quotes verses from the Bible and the Quran side-by-side as the authoritative basis to support its goals. According to Abraham Meulenberg, a Saddleback pastor, and Jihad Turk, director of religious affairs at a Los Angeles mosque, King’s Way represents opening “a path to end the 1,400 years of misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians.” But beyond this, according to Turk, both groups also agreed not to evangelize each other.

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  • James Sundquist
    Posted at 15:06h, 24 April

    Dear Joel Richardson,

    First I wanted to commend you for your brave stand in publicly exposing Rick Warren over the years!
    I have written two books and produced two videos exposing him. So I thought you should be alerted to my latest report and investigation on him:

    My father was a Veteran and physician in charge of the medical supplies for the North African Theater during WWII. I also am a Vet, U.S. Army, Missile Maintenance, West Germany.

    I also want to applaud your clear vision exposing socialism. Socialism is suicide for our country. As a Christian and scholar, you would know that one of the goals of Communism is to apostatize Christianity and convince all Christians that Jesus Christ’s Global Peace Plan entails and requires socialism (they invoke the Book of Acts where all Christians had all things in common, but that was voluntary). And really, once that succeeds all of the dominos will fall! Thirdly, to point out that a host of Evangelicals signed the Global Warming initiative such as Rick Warren. This is shocking in itself because only God is in charge of Climate, not man. But also, Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan aka Global Warming Peace Plan would require Green New Deal initiatives in order to implement. But it would also require Global Socialism to enforce! Many conservatives are rightly opposing the Green New Deal, but the silence is deafening towards the Evangelical leaders, like Warren, who are its accomplices and collaborators. Yet paradoxically, people like Warren hypocritically clamor and warn about socialism. Warren claims his Global Peace Plan is designed to assist the poor and educate the next generation, when in actuality it would lead millions of the poor into starvation and death, and if the planet is only going to last or 12 more years, according to these delusional false prophets, there won’t even be a next generation to educate. So Pastor Rick Warren is a disaster, not our ally, but our enemy. He has already defrauded and deceived tens of millions of people by falsely claiming his Purpose Driven Life is the “bestselling nonfiction hardback book in history”. This fake news is a crime according the FTC. Here is proof:


    If you would like to email I will send you the PDF files as attachments and support documents.

    Thank you!

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist

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