Creating a Home

As many of my long-terms readers know, I am not in full time ministry. I actually work three jobs. I run a small business, I travel one weekend a month to speak at various churches, synagogues and conferences, and I also write books and articles. But when all is said and done, writing is more of a passion than a major source of income. Of course, the ministry does bring in some supplemental income, but this is not my primary motivation and few authors can actually live by writing.

My primary source of income has always been my small buisness. Yet each year, I have watched as our income has been reduced by as much as 50%. I’m sure that many of you are in the same boat, many probably far worse. The reason I share this is to speak about how my wife and I have chosen to deal with this as a family. I am a big supporter of preparedness simply for times like this. I believe it is wisdom to be prepared and self-reliant in a world that is increasingly volatile. So as the economy has continued to struggle on the verge of collapse, the tendency has been to take a highly defensive posture, socking away everything we can in case of the total collapse of the American economy etc. At times, when I listen to the news there is a strong emotional pull to go total prepper-survivalist. But rather than allowing fear to get a hold of us, my wife and I made a very conscious and deliberate decision a couple years ago to act out of faith and not react out of fear. Instead of taking overly defensive and self-preserving measures, we committed to take as many on the ark with us as we can. And so last year, on top of our other three children, we adopted a beautiful little baby boy. It has been perhaps the greatest blessing that our family has ever experienced. Of course, it has been wildly expensive, but one never counts the cost when they are saving lives or in love. Well, needless to say, there is now another situation before us. A baby boy is scheduled to be born December 28, and if all goes well, he’ll be coming home with us. So far, we have raised, saved and scraped together roughly $16,000. But we need roughly another $13,000. Times are tight for everyone and I would never ask anyone for a single penny unless the LORD has specifically moved you to partner with us. If this is the case, there are two ways to help us. You can donate directly online here or if you would like to receive a tax-deduction, we have also arranged a way to make this possible. Please e-mail me directly at joe[email protected] Thank you so much for your consideration!

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