New Book Complete

I just wanted to drop a note to my readers and regular visitors to let everyone know that my new book is finally complete. While we’ll keep the title a secret for now, the subtitle is “The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist.” The purpose of this book is to examine only the most pertinent texts that relate to the eschatological debate between the Roman Antichrist theory and the Islamic Antichrist theory.

The purpose of this book is not to merely debate what some may feel is irrelevant end-time trivia. Many may ask why it even matters if the Antichrist will emerge from Europe or the Middle-East, whether he will be a Humanist or a Muslim. The fact of the matter is that the practical and applicational implications of the many subjects discussed in this forthcoming book are absolutely profound. If in fact Islam is the religion of the Antichrist, the implications of this are earth shattering. As much of the Church today, including large segments of the missions movement, increasingly embraces an approach to outreach toward Muslims that flirts with syncretism and outright heresy (I am referring to what has become known as Ԕhe Insider Movementԩ, it is imperative that followers of Jesus determine exactly where they stand concerning the origins and nature of Islam. As we strive to love Muslims, must we also love Islam? Or is it possible to passionately care for Muslims, while hating Islam? Is Islam a faith system that can create a genuine relationship with God, or is it purely a soul-destroying ideology? Can one be both a Muslim and a follower of Jesus as many evangelical missiologists claim? Are the Allah of the Qurӡn and the God of the Bible one and the same? And what about Israel and the Jewish people? As a fierce anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism spreads from the Muslim world into the Christian Church, what do the prophets say about these things? Where is a disciple of Jesus seeking to love both Muslims and Jews to stand on these matters? What about the ԁrab-SpringԿ Does the Bible inform us as to where this sudden and drastic change in the Muslim world is heading? Further, while numerous demographic models inform us that Islam will soon emerge as the worldӳ largest religion, many within the Christian Church teach and believe that most of the Islamic world (and Russia) will soon be destroyed in a series of prophesied battles, resulting in the religion of Islam virtually disappearing from the earth. But does the Bible really teach this? How we answer these questions and what we believe about these things will drastically affect our approach toward prayer, intercession, evangelism and missions. These are questions that the Church cannot afford to get wrong. Carefully searching the Scriptures so as to answer these questions accurately is absolutely essential. It is for this reason that this book was written. While this study will certainly answer many questions concerning the end-times, it is far from irrelevant or morbid eschatological trivia. As the Church seeks to plot its way forward into the ever changing world, it is essential for the Church to grasp the truths brought forward in this study. I am also confident that any conservative scholar, theologian or pastor who considers the material will be convinced of the solid Scriptural basis for the Islamic Antichrist theory as presented in this work. The release date will likely be late Spring or early Summer. If there are any scholars, theologians or pastors that would like to consider the material for an early endorsement, you may send an introduction and request to [email protected]

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