Just Released: Chrislam: Absolute Must Read

Chrislam: How Missionaries Are Promoting an Islamized Gospel

Edited by Joshua Lingel, Jeff Morton and Bill Nikides

Are there missionaries who promote converts from Islam remaining in Islam? Is Islam the primary identity for a new believer and how does this identity interface with one’s deliverance from a false religion? Which rituals and phenomena of Islam may be given new meaning by converts? Is the Gospel of Jesus being Islamized by Western missionaries? This anthology of twenty-five essays approaches the various questions of the “insider movements” that are being raised within the mission community. Offering not only a critique of the problematic issues of IM and it’s proponents, Chrislam also provides a necessary corrective in the areas of theology, exegesis, translation, missiology and a theology of religions. The authors include converts from Islam, practicing missionaries, pastors, missiologists, Bible translators, professors of Islamic studies, biblical studies, and systematic theology. This multi-faceted approach to a serious problem in missions is a much needed manual for the church as she thinks through the ramifications of supporting “insiders” and the proponents of IM.

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