The Jihad’s Messiah

For those of you who enjoy novels, author Nick Daniel’s has just released an end times novel based on the Islamic end-time paradigm. This first book in a series promises to be fantastic.

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THE JIHAD’S MESSIAH (JIHAD SERIES BOOK I) In a future when world power has shifted to the Middle East, and the Arab nations have signed a seven-year peace treaty with Israel, a radical Iraqi leader-known as Al-Mahdi, “the Awaited One”-rises to power promising to convert the world to Islam. Major General Farid Zadeh is Al-Mahdi’s most loyal follower and the next in line to become the Full Army General of Iraq-until he is falsely accused of being an Israeli spy. Determined to vindicate himself, Farid flies to Jerusalem to spy on the Israeli military. But before he can return home with the intelligence, the peace treaty is broken and war breaks out between the Arabs and Israel. Now he must run for his life, as both armies consider him their enemy and want him dead. Help-and perhaps redemption-come from unlikely sources: a stunning Jewish woman and a Christian prisoner. When his faith and his loyalties are tested, Farid must decide which side to take…. His decision could alter the course of Man’s final war.

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