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Not surprisingly, my article on Rick Perry has stirred up a few folks. First, I want to draw everyone’s attention to a response written by A David Stein somewhat directed toward my article. I would encourage everyone concerned with grasping a fuller picture of this issue to read Mr. Stein’s piece below. Then let me make a few more comments.

Click here to read David’s Stein’s article at Countercontemp.com

First let me say that to a degree my article / comments has been looped into a few other articles, and as such, some of the criticisms have melted these various articles and mine together.

For clarity, I never painted Perry as being a “pro-Shariah” candidate. Nor did I attempt to portray “the Aga Khan”, whom Governor Perry is a friend, as some sort of secret radical Muslim. Thus any comments to this effect are simply straw man arguments to which there is no need for me to respond.

Let me clarify precisely what my personal concerns are. First, I am (rightly) concerned with Perry’s naive, politically correct, favorable approach toward Islam, which betrays either a lack of knowledge, discernment or a fairly significant lapse of judgement. My second concern is not with Perry but with some within the Christian community. The “buzz” I have been hearing personally from some is essentially that Perry is God’s man, a Davidic leader for the hour, the answer to our prayers. As such, any mere examination or questioning of Perry is viewed as an attack and as violating the command to “touch not thy Lord’s anointed”. Examining and questioning is not attacking. As one comment in my e-mail box today stated, “Remember David who would not lay a hand on Saul, even though Saul had clearly fallen away from the Lord”. Bingo. This is precisely what I was trying to caution against. I love that Perry called for a prayer and fasting gathering, but some seem to think we should thus “anoint” him as king. But this is not a monarchy or a theocracy! And lest we forget, these are the primaries. The purpose of this time is to vet, weigh and test the various candidates, not anoint. This vetting process has only just begun. Could Perry emerge as the best choice? Perhaps. But for now, there are other excellent candidates as well, who are also outspoken (and perhaps even more discerning, principled and uncompromising) Christians and leaders.

Finally let me state that my hope is not in any man (or woman). My eyes are not fixed on the next election. No matter what the results are, the things that truly need to be “fixed” cannot be fixed by any President. Ultimately I have one hope. My hope is in Jesus the Messiah and His glorious return.

Many Blessings!

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