A Response to Critics: Daniel 9:26 The People of the Prince to Come

When one attempts to set forth the Islamic end time paradigm to many veteran students of biblical prophecy, the most common passage that is brought up in objection is Daniel 9:26 concerning “the people of the prince to come”. For those who are more geared toward MP3 audio files, click here to listen as I address this passage and lay-out the clear historical, grammatical and logical errors of the European-centric interpretation of this passage. I invite those who disagree with the Islamic end time theory to listen to the full message and consider the evidences. For readers, the same information as well as the documentation and sources cited can be read here. Many Blessings

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  • Steven Pankratz
    Posted at 06:28h, 23 August

    Neither the link to the Audio
    [http://www.ihop-atlanta.com/assets/audio/2011/es/islam_20110409am2.mp3 ] or the link to the reading material seem to function in this blog
    [https://joelstrumpet.com/?p=2440 ]

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