Islamic Antichrist Reaches New York Times Bestseller List

Although it’s not likely to last for much longer than a week, Islamic Antichrist did make the NYTimes Bestseller list. Last week, it was #31, just a few below Are You There Vodka, Its Me Chelsea? I suppose there are all sorts of observations that could be drawn from this regarding the direction our nation is going. Of course, while I’m glad to know that folks are reading my book and prayerfully considering the ideas I present, please do remember my family in prayer as this has brought an increased and tangible attack from Satan… as well as his minions from Media Matters and MSNBC. (That was a joke – I have to qualify that, as most of these people rarely seem to recognize humor.) On a positive note however, I am pleased that I am now able to cross “Get mocked by Rachel Maddow for seven minutes” off my bucket-list. If you haven’t seen this video, I must admit that it is quite funny, even if recklessly dishonest. In any case, next in line to be crossed off my list: “Punch a Great White shark in the face”.

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