The Spirit of Adoption

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Most who visit this blog know me primarily as an author and teacher who deals almost exclusively with the role of Islam in the End Times. Because of the general lack of understanding within the Church regarding the collosal challenge of Islam to the Church in these last days, I have tried over the past several years to essentially “do one thing” well. This has been my primary public focus. However, the essence of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the various mandates of the Church in these days involves far more than rising to meet the challenge of Islam in the earth.

Perhaps no other issue features as prominantly throughout the various eschatological passages of the Bible, than God’s heart for the outcast, the needy, the oppressed, the afflicted, prisoners, the widow… the orphan. For the past thirteen years, my wife and I have had many discussions about our shared belief that we are called as a family to partner with the Lord through adoption.

Adoption is many things. It is a prophetic response to the epidemic of abortion throughout the earth. It is a picture of the heart of the Gospel, in what God has done for us. It is small part of being a solution to the four thousand children that die a violent death every day at the very hands of those who are called to protect and care for them. It is a response to the cry of God’s heart for justice to be found within His Church. It is the most natural response to our calling to be His image-bearers and witnesses here and now.

After having three beautiful children of our own, my wife and I are finally beginning the journey of opening our family to fulfill what we have always believed was God’s destiny for us. And so we are appealing first for prayer. Please remember us as we enter into this oftentimes emotional and difficult process. And second, if the Lord should lay it on your heart, we will also need some miraculous financial assitance. One of the greatest hindrances to adoption is the oodles and oodles of funds needed to make it all happen. Some will say that a family shouldn’t even attempt to adopt unless they have all of the funds to do so first. But I’ve learned that we would rarely accomplish anything meaningful in this life if we waited until all of our ducks are in a row before making an attempt.

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