The Religion of Denial

One of the things that have I said in the past and which needs to be reiterated is that Western culture largely has been shaped by its Christian history. (Notice I said history). But within that history is the Judeo-Christian practice or sacrament of confession. As such, today you have a culture that has embraced its own sinfulness, not only presently, but also its sinful history. In fact, in a post-Christian world, this culture of confession has, in my opinion, gone too far and actually evolved into a culture of self-hatred. The Islamic world however is just the opposite. Not only is Islam not a confessional religion, but it is also a religion that tells its adherents that they are the best. They are told in their sacred traditions that they have the best prophet, that they have the best holy book, that they are the best of peoples, etc etc etc. The result is a corporate culture of denial, an entire culture that refuses to take responsibility for its actions and sins. It is a child-like world of blame-shifting and conspiracy theories. Not surprisingly then, in recent days we have seen President Muammar Qaddafi deny that the Lockerbie bomber was responsible for the murderous evil that he carried out, this despite the act of compassion extended to him by the Scottish government. We saw Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan deny the Armenian genocide. His reason: Muslims could never carry out such an act. Erdogan also denied the most public genocide of modern times: The slaughter of millions of African Christians, Muslims and Animists in Darfur. Erdogan’s reason for the denial again was that Muslims cannot commit such acts. Even Turkish Muslim leader, Adnan Oktar, whom I consider a friend, in a recent interview with Hisham Tillawi on the Republic Broadcasting Network, denied the very reality of Osama Bin Laden, stating that he “is one of the fantasy actors in this film. I do not believe there is any such person. They organize people who have undergone such Darwinist materialist education and get them to perform various acts of terror in order to depict Muslims as terrorists and anarchists. These activities are under the control of foreign intelligence agencies. I think they used Osama bin Ladin. I do not think any such person exists…” Which is again, very sadly, the opinion of a staggeringly high percentage of the Muslim world. In this world of fantasy and denial, 9-11 was carried out by the Israeli Mossad in conjunction with the American government. And of course, we have seen President Ahmadinejad deny the reality of the Holocaust. Now we have this video of a popular Muslim Imam from Washington D.C. openly claiming that the recent Nigerian bomber was yet another set-up by the Israeli Mossad and the US government. That no Muslim is capable of such a thing. He goes even further and claims that Al-Qaeda is simply a creation of the US government. He babbles on and on and articulates a world of utter fantasy of staggeringly illogical dimensions. What should concern us all with regard to this systemic disease within the Muslim world is that blame shifting and denial are always the tools of enablers. Lets be very clear here, one cannot claim to be against terrorism but deny it when it occurs in its worst forms. This is a pure contradiction. When a Muslim leader denies blatant acts of terrorism, when one refuses to acknowledge guilt, sin and wrong-doing, they only enable it to happen again and again. This is why Christianity has the ability to heal the human condition and Islam does not. And it is why terrorism will never cease until the Messiah returns.

Following are excerpts from a TV debate with Abdul Alim Musa, Imam of the Islam Mosque, Washington DC, and George Mason University professor Jack Goldstone. The debate aired on Press TV on January 5, 2010.

Click here to watch this sickening video.

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