Rabbi Menachem Fromen and Adnan Oktar

Rabbi Menachem Froman, also Menahem or Fruman (Hebrew: ???? ?????? born 1945 in the Galilee), is an Ashkenazi Orthodox rabbi and a peacemaker and negotiator with close ties to Palestinian religious leaders from the PLO and Hamas. A founding member of the settler movement Gush Emunim, he serves today as the chief rabbi of Tekoa in the West Bank. On November 10, 2009 Rabbi Fromen met with Mr. Adnan Oktar in Istanbul. Click the image below to watch the video, or read the full transcript below:

PRESENTER: Today we have very important guests. A very well known rabbi and his dear wife. Mrs. Hadassa and Mr. Froman are with us. First of all, wellcome. Wellcome to the studio.

RABBI FROMAN: Thank you.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah. Yes Mr. Froman is such a person who is compassionate, loving the Turkish, seeking peace, seeking beauty between countries. A very precious person. Now you can translate what I said.

ADNAN OKTAR: Mrs. Hadassa is also very precious. They love each other so much inshaӁllah. TheyӶe been married for years now. His wife is also Jewish. She is full of love for Turkey. And we love them so much. Untill the Last Day, both Israel and Turkey will live in friendship and brotherhood inshaӁllah.

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, it mentions the courage of Salahaddin Ayyubi, who is Kurdish you know, Salahaddin Ayyubi. Kurdish, Turkish, Circassians, Laz, we are all brothers. Jews are also our flesh and blood inshaӁllah. Christians are also our brothers, our flesh and blood. Our Muslim nation is already our soul inshaӁllah. Together we will have a brotherly, happy, carefree, troublefree, thornless, beautiful life until the Doomsday.

ADNAN OKTAR: They are entrusted to us from the Prophet Moses (pbuh), the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). InshaӁllah we donӴ let anybody touch even their single hair, by the leave of Allah. They will live so comfortably, in tranquility and security, inshaӁllah. In Israel, they will also be in peace and calm. We will demolish those walls. Those protective walls in Israel. There will no more be anarchy and terror. They will live in such joy in the Turkish Islamic Union. IshaӁllah Rabbi Froman will come here, they will travel in composure, we do not accept any kind of danger for them. Our Palestinian brothers will also be at ease, Syria will also be at ease, Iraq will also be at ease, Armenia will also be at ease. InshaӁllah they will live peacefully in the compassion and mercy of the Turkish Islamic Union. There will be full freedom for worship, they will worship as they wish inshaӁllah.

RABBI FROMAN: First of all we have to thank Allah. Thatӳ the beginning of everything, Bismillah. I want to thank Allah that brought me here from Jerusalem to Istanbul this afternoon. And I have no words how to express my obligation to Allah that gave me such a great grace to come here.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah, MashaӁllah.

RABBI FROMAN: Then after we thank the messengers, the messengers of God Who brought, Who brings His grace to us and now I want to thank Harun Yahya for bringing me from Jerusalem to Istanbul and hosted me in such, me and my wife, in such a generous and nice way and I have no else way of how to again thank him for such an expression of the grace, of course. I thank God that we met. I thank God that He decided to bring me here. And I am obliged to this world of grace to continue the channel of grace that Harun Yahya began.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah.

RABBI FROMAN: This invitation is a proof, is against satan against iblis. Satan, iblis tries to convince everybody in the world that Islam is a religion of hatred that the more you are Muslim the more you hate Jews, Americans, Europeans. And we have to stone iblis, we have to stone satan, to throw stones against him. And this invitation, a kind invitation of Harun Yahya is a very concrete stone against satan.

RABBI FROMAN: Another lie of satan is that necessarily there is hatred between Jews and Palestenians in the Holy City. Harun Yahya have not invited only me, he invited with me a friend of mine, a dear friend of mine, and my family, my wife, Sheikh Bukhari who is going to come in a few minutes. Perhaps he is now in the airport I donӴ know. And we are going to be here together as two men from Jerusalem, two men from the Holy Land. One Jew and the other is Palestinian. One is Rabbi, the other is a Sheikh, as good friends, and as together, by the grace of God Who sent us Harun Yahya. We want to, again, stone satan that lies that necessarily that thereӳ hatred between Jews and Palestinians in the Holy Land.

ADNAN OKTAR: By Allahӳ leave, it will be like this until the Last Day, inshaӁllah. In any case, we will never let anyone do any harm to the Children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), to the Children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). One is the Children of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh) and the other is the Children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh). As you know Arabs, the Palestinians are the Children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh). And these beautiful beings are the Children of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh). Both are the Children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). By Allahӳ leave, we will never let anyone touch even their single hair. No country can harm Palestine nor Israel, no one can harm Jerusalem. From now on, an age of peace will prevail. This century is the century when the Turkish Islamic Union will form. A century, which everyone will live in peace. For instance, Israel will be a national state, Iran will be a national state, Turkey will be a national state but the Turkish Islamic Union will be formed. This will be a union of hearts, love and affection. We will make peace prevail in the whole region, inshaӁllah with the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). This will be consolidated by the emergence of the Messiah (pbuh).

RABBI FROMAN: I want to say something, personal, little personal. For years I thought that Turkiye has the historical task to bring peace to the region. I think that we have to -three years I thought- that we have to reestablish the Ottoman Empire not of course the Empire of army of conquering but empire of love, empire of Islam, empire of salam. Because Islam is from salam, it is the same word. By inviting me and other Jews, other Rabbis Harun Yahya represents the whole Turkish nation. I remember after years of thinking that Turkiye is the fact of, is the state that can bring us peace. ԕsԬ I mean the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Jews and the Arabs. I was in the middle of one of my lectures, I said. We’ve many students together and I forgot to lock my mobile and then in the middle of the lecture I have a call. I asked, ԗho is speaking?,Ԡԓeda Aral from IstanbulԠand she invited me to come to Istanbul and to meet her teacher and to begin a period of peace. For me it is like a miracle. It is like a great grace of God that I was thinking, what I was thinking about the task of the Turkish Nation and God sent me the telephone from Istanbul in the middle of my lecture, in the middle of my speaking to my students and invited me to come and to begin a period of peace.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah.

RABBI FROMAN: I want to add something more.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah.

RABBI FROMAN: A few months ago I was invited by the special messenger of President Obama to Washington by George Mitchell. He invited me to meet him and to think together how to bring peace to the Holy Land. I came again with an Arab friend with a Palestinian friend – a Sheikh, Sheikh Manasra his name. Together we came to Washington and we sat with George Mitchell and his coop and we spoke about the ways of how to bring peace to the Holy Land. Half of the time of the long meeting that we had, we talked, I and my Palestine friend, about Turkiye. About the task of Turkiye.

We tried to explain to Mr. Mitchell, to Senator Mitchell that the power that can bring peace to the Holy Land is the Turkish-Union. And he was so moved. When he was departing he said that in the end of the conversation: ԉ am very moved from what you say, Rabbi Froman.ԠAnd I got a very clear impression that the result of the conversation will be a visit of President Obama in Ankara in Turkiye. There after I came here as the guest of Harun Yahya and I was interviewed by many Turkish journalists and I said, Ԍook here I see that very soon President Obama will come here.ԠThey looked at me like, I don’t know, lunatic. It was in the quite in the beginning of the period of Obama. After 3 weeks I think or 4 weeks, I heard in the radio President Obama chose Turkiye as the first country in the Middle East that he is visiting. It was I think 3 months after he was elected. I think that the task of Turkiye to make peace in the whole region and especially in the Holy Land will be recognized very soon by the whole world. If the Turkish nation will work for this historical task, national task that they have, the whole world will honor the whole of Turkiye in the region in the whole world.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah, Alhamdulillah.

RABBI FROMAN: I want to add something, perhaps for the end of the program. From history of this evening, in this evening after being hosted so kindly, so generously by your students, by your followers, I wanted to pray. We, the Jews pray to the direction of Jerusalem. So I asked Ali and Emre, I wanted to know what is the direction of Jerusalem in my apartment. One of them perhaps Ali, one of your students said, ԙou know that Istanbul is a place perhaps the only place in the world, the direction of Jerusalem and the direction of Mecca, the kiblah is the same direction, exactly the same direction. From Istanbul if you pray to God, you pray to God in Jerusalem, in the temple in Jerusalem, you pray to God in the mosque of Mecca.ԠSo that gives this place Istanbul a very significant importance, very significant importance in the whole world. I hope that the Turkish nation led by Harun Yahya will fulfill this historical task.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah, MashaӁllah. My leadership can be such that it only can be an intellectual leadership. It cannot be physical leadership. It does not mean a political leadership. It is an intellectual leadership, leadership of hearts. May Allah let me be a means in this task, inshaӁllah.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah. Israel and Israelis as a whole, are entrusted to us by Allah. Children of Ishmael (pbuh) are entrusted to us by Allah, Children of Jacob (pbuh) are also entrusted to us by Allah. Turks will fulfill the task of leadership perfectly with their beautiful souls full of love, full of kindness and full of compassion. This is destiny inshaӁllah. Allah created it as it is in the destiny, the whole world will see it. Turkish nation will bring ease, abundance, wealth and peace not only to a certain region but to the whole world, inshaӁllah. Allah will make this nation a means to fulfill this task as a leader inshaӁllah. MashaӁllah.

RABBI FROMAN: And in the end perhaps we should finish with the beginning of the program Kemal Ataturk. One of the lies of the satan is that you can oppose God. But Allahu Akbar, everything that is happening in the world, in the end helps, supports the word of God. I am not surprised from what you read from Kemal Ataturk. Every positive man, every positive party is the deed of God and for me if Kemal Ataturk is a positive figure, then he is supporting religion and not against religion. Thatӳ what I mean what I say, when I say several times a day ԁllahu AkbarԮ Allahu Akbar means that even those factors that in our eyes, in the first time are seen to be against the power of Allah, in the end it is very clear that they support the word of Allah. With this perhaps we can be sure that the victory of Allah, Whose one of the nicest names is ԓalamԠis ԰eace.ԠYou can be sure that ԁllahu AkbarԠmeans peace will win victory, peace will win victory. Allahu Akbar.

ADNAN OKTAR: MashaӁllah, MashaӁllah. MashaӁllah. Our Ataturk, our pride. If it wasnӴ Ataturk, Allah forbid I canӴ even imagine what could happen. He granted this holy, this beautiful country to us to completely protect it, isnӴ it? We are free, democrat, republican, we have the freedom of thought, we speak as we like, we perform our prayers as we like. We live in a modern country. It is a great blessing for everyone to express his ideas. There is no bigotry, no fanaticism. Ataturk didnӴ allow communism, he also didnӴ allow fascism, of course. He said: ԇentlemen, not to forget, the biggest foe of the Turkish nation is communism. In every condition it should be crashed wherever it is seen.Ԡhe says. He never allowed. At his time they made so much pressure, yet he never allowed anyone. He never allowed the fascists, he never allowed the communists. In his ideal there was always the Turkish Islamic Union. One day the Turkic nations will unite, the Islamic world will unite. It will bring peace to the whole region. His wonderful ideal is about to be realized. There is too little left inshaӁllah. Turkey is inshaӁllah in duty as a nation to make the world live in peace, with love, friendship, brotherhood, modernity, republicanism, democracy, humanity and beauty; and to encourage and protect it. Our heroic army and our heroic nation has this excellent mission inshaӁllah.

ADNAN OKTAR: It should not be forgotten that in every condition communism should be crashed wherever it is. So he did not allow communism and fascism.

ADNAN OKTAR: I will recite you a verse from the Qurӡn. Surat az-Zumar, 41: ԗe have sent down to you the Book for mankind with truth. So whoever is guided is guided to his own good and whoever is misguided, it is to his detriment. You are not set over them as a guardian.ԍ

ADNAN OKTAR: There are very beautiful words in the Torah compatible with the Qurӡn. Some of which are unchanged words, Allah knows the truth. For example from the Proverbs: Ԍisten, my son, and be wise, and keep your heart on the right path.Ԡ

ADNAN OKTAR: Look how beautiful, for example it says: Ԧor drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.Ԡ

ADNAN OKTAR: For example, it says: Ԅo not gaze at wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly! In the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper. Your eyes will see strange sights and your mind imagine confusing things. You will be like one sleeping on the high seas, lying on top of the rigging. “They hit me,” you will say, “but I’m not hurt! They beat me, but I don’t feel it! When will I wake up so I can find another drink?”

ADNAN OKTAR: It says ԗisdom is too high for a foolԮ (It says that the wisdom is unreachable for a fool. It says for example that “He who plots evil will be known as a schemer.ԠIt says, Ԕhe schemes of folly are sinԬ that is, scheming, the schemes of folly are sin. It says, ԭen detest a mockerԮ Mocking is not a good thing. Everybody hates a mocker. InshaӁllah.

RABBI FROMAN: So your teacher read the Holy Qurӡn and read the Wisdom of Solomon and this is no wonder that the words of Qurӡn and the words of Solomon are going in the same direction. Because these Books are the words of God, those Books are the words of One God. So that’s exactly the direction that we have to go, in the direction of your teacher to find the word of God in Turkish, in Arabic, in English, in Hebrew, in every language in this Book, in this Book, in all the books of God, all the Books that God has given us in order to guide us to the right direction which is of course the way to Him, to Himself. His name again and again I remember, that in Arabic and in Hebrew the very name of God is Salam or Shalom. And he works for God, he works for Shalom.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course Judaism and Islam are particularly very much alike. We believe in One Allah, we believe in all the Prophets, we believe in the Hereafter, our belief in the Hereafter is the same. Thereӳ also daily prayer (salat) in Judaism, the Jews also take ablution and pray. There are video shootings about that. They fast as well. The adultery is forbidden, the theft, killing of innocent people are forbidden as well. Loving your neighbors, protecting them are also ordered (fardh) in the Torah.

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