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(Updated November 6, 9:45 Central) In the image above, we see Major Hasan the morning of the shooting dressed in traditional Islamic attire. During an interview on Fox News, Hasan’s cousin stated that Hasan had grown up in the US and was a regular ol’ “good American”. The media has been taking great pains to wash the story of its obvious meaning and instead cast Hasan as a victimized soldier who was picked on because of his name, who opposed all war and violence, who simply snapped because of the unfairness of the US military. Thus I was greeted by the following headlines:

MSNBC “Shooting suspect feared deployment” and “Shooting Suspect ‘Mortified’ About Deployment”

NYT: “Relatives say Army psychiatrist had been harassed for being Muslim.”

ABC: “Suspected Fort Hood Shooter, Was Called ‘Camel Jockey'”

(I want to interject an Islamic proverb here. Remember it, as it is an incredibly common tactic of radical Muslim apologists: “He hits me and then he goes ahead of me and cries.” )

Despite the obvious, many in the left-wing mainstream media are determined to avoid the obvious connection between his Islamic faith and his actions. Instead they are painting him as the victim! This despite the following:

Hasan’s recent Internet posting about Suicide Bombers: “To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate, it’s more appropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause.”

He shouted, “Allahu Ahkbar!” as he was murdering his unarmed victims.

His attire.

Could it be any clearer? Americans do not dress as Mr. Hasan did in the picture above, unless they no longer identify with their American heritage. He may very well have been a “good American” at one time in his life. But he obviously had defected from the US military sometime ago and signed up for the Army of Islam. He was a radical Muslim who followed the tenets of his Quran. Obedience to the Quran and conformity to the example of Muhammad was the motive. Period. There is no need for President Obama to sit down and have a beer with Hasan to figure out what caused him to snap and what American can do to make it right.

Was Hasan called names by his fellow soldiers? I have no question about it. But may I state the obvious? This is what soldiers do. They call each other names. Superiors do it to those under them. Friends do it to each other. Many of them use every expletive in every politically incorrect manner imaginable while doing so. But despite the name calling, they are each one willing to lay down their lives for each other. That’s what real soldiers do. My words to Mr. Hasan: Can I get you a baby bottle, you pathetic cowardly little fairy? They also have to run and do push ups by the way. Perhaps that is what drove him over the edge. Give me a break!

The bottom line is this: Given the opportunity to spend a tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan helping fellow Muslims against radical Muslims in the Taliban or Al-Qaeda, Hasan was unable to do so. He identified with the radical Muslims that the US is fighting against. Instead of fulfilling his sworn duties as an American soldier, he fulfilled his duties as a good soldier of Islam. He was a good Muslim according to the tenants of Islam.

And now the questions that the US media will never dare to ask: Will it happen again? How many more times? How many Muslims serve in the US military that are capable of repeating this act? How do we know which Muslims are sympathetic to Hassan’s actions? What steps must be taken to keep our soldiers safe from any further similar occurrences? Do we have the honesty and courage to do what is necessary to keep our soldiers safe? Or will we allow more of our best to be slaughtered on the altar of political correctness?

I’m literally sick to the core of my soul with grief. Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus…

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