George Friedman CEO Founder of Stratfor on Turkey

What Mr. Friedman elaborates on here, I predicted over five years ago in the first version of Islamic Antichrist:

While presently, there is not any pressing reason to see Turkey as the leader of an imminent world Empire, this is nevertheless, what Ezekiel prophesied… The Turkish Empire was the seat of the Islamic Caliphate. It was not until 1923 that the Islamic Caliphate was officially abolished. Today the Islamic world is awaiting the restoration of that Caliphate. The Bible teaches that someday soon the Turkish Empire will be revived.

As I said in a recent interview, it is no longer little Joel Richardson making these claims, but now George Friedman as well. Friedman is the founder and CEO of STRATFOR, the world’s leading private intelligence and forecasting organization. I do not highlight this to toot my own horn, but to simply highlight that Ezekiel’s prophecies are coming to pass. Turkey is re-emerging as a regional superpower. The wounded Beast Empire is reviving. This is that which Daniel and John the Apostle spoke so clearly of. Jesus is coming soon.

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