Israeli Rabbi Calls For Turkish Mediation For Middle East Peace

This news is slightly old (February 8 of this year), but while it featured prominently in Turkish newspapers, it has not been translated into English. But it is certainly important to take note of.

Update 7/6/09 :

I mistakenly stated that Rabbi Fromen is one of the leaders of the Sanhedrin. While very well respected as the leader of the Tekoa Settlement, he is a free agent Rabbi and is not associated with the reformed Sanhedrin. I apologise for this rather significant error. – Joel

Hurriyet: Israeli Rabbi Menachem Froman stated that the establishment of peace between Israel and Palestine was the problem most urgently in need of a solution in the Middle East and said: ԉt is an irrefutable fact that Turkey is the most natural mediator between Israel and Palestinian Society. Turkish President Abdullah G

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