Do The Legs of Iron Represent the East-West Division of Rome?

Rodrigo Silva has put together a timely and relevent article. Go directly to Beast from the East to read it there. In recent months, the term “Eastern-Leg” has emerged as a popular the title of choice to describe the position that holds that the Antichrist and his Empire would come from the Middle East. While there are a few teachers whose positions could appropriately be described as “Eastern-Leg”, I myself would not fall into this category at all. Let me explain: I do not believe that Rome is the fourth Beast / Empire of the Book of Daniel at all. I believe that the primary subject matter of the Book of Daniel is the Islamic Empire. For this reason, I refer to my theory as either the Middle Eastern or the Islamic End Time Theory (or Paradigm). I do believe that the Roman Empire is considered among the empires listed in Revelation 17, (five have been, one is) but not in the Book of Daniel. Remember, the primary thrust of the entire book of Daniel is the final evil world empire; its geography, nature, characteristics and its leader. When you look at Daniel 12, the angel tells Daniel that he is to seal up the book (of Daniel) until the end of time. If this verse means anything at all, if the book indeed has been sealed, then it also bears to reason that the most common position down throughout the history of the Church, namely that Daniel is focusing on the Roman Empire, is also the least likely to be the primary subject matter of the book. If anything, this verse points us to a contrarian position. So while many throughout history have seen elements of the Islamic Empire in the Book of Daniel, it seems as though suddenly there is a tremendous amount of clarity that is being delivered to numerous people on this matter. The book certainly appears to be in the process of being unsealed. The primary thrust of the Book of Daniel (in my opinion) is the Islamic Empire, not the Roman. So I very much appreciate the clarity that Rodrigo has brought to bear on this issue.

  • Karen
    Posted at 18:09h, 04 April

    The link ‘beast from the east – legs of iron is broken and I can’t even type it in without it redirecting to some page of nonsense. I would really like to read this page. I am teaching a Bible study on the book of Daniel and I also think this book is not talking about Rome or a revived Roman Empire.

  • Joel
    Posted at 20:19h, 04 April

    The site no longer exists. My book Mideast Beast addresses Daniel quite thoroughly if it is helpful. Blessings

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