Barack Obama is not the Antichrist

I feel foolish even having to post this, but it seems with so many emotions so high right now, this is the issue du jour. First of all, we have to trust that the Scriptures are understandable enough that we can discern what they are speaking about. Of course, we also need to be humble enough not to be dogmatic on highly technical or very debatable issues. That the AC is from the ME and not some American leader however, I believe is fairly undeniable. Again, very briefly; Daniel 2 and 7 tells us that the AC will emerge from out of the fourth Empire. The only empire that fulfills all of the Biblical criteria as defined in Daniel is the Islamic / Ottoman empire that crushed all of the others. (Babylon, Persia, Greece). Only the Islamic Empire did this. See Daniel 2:34-35 and 40. When Scripture repeatedly points over and over again to the same region, then we know that the Lord is emphasizing something for a reason. He is not trying to mislead us, but wants us to get it. So when we see that the AC is also foreshadowed in Daniel 8 and 11 as Antiochus Epiphanies IV, we take note that he is from the region of Syria. Same region again. Elsewhere, the AC is also called the Assyrian (See Micah 5, (which also accurately said that Jesus would come from Bethlehem). These areas again overlap. Isaiah also refers to the Ac as the Assyrian. The AC is also from Magog (Asia Minor which once again overlaps and points us toward the same region). When Scripture clearly testifies repeatedly like this, I believe that we should pay heed and not give in to fearful reports. This isn’t to say that Obama is not a text book narcissist with a very cult-like following. Many of his supporters are clear devotees of a new political religious movement not unlike what we have seen with Adolph Hitler. But again, I am not worried about him being the Biblical Antichrist. I simply do not see Scripture supporting this and I do not believe that anyone can produce the verses to claim otherwise. But as always, God knows best. That’s my very brief take on the subject. Peace and Blessings to all…

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