Jewish Voice Today

For the next three weeks, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis will be airing three episodes that were recorded several weeks back featuring myself with Walid Shoebat, Paul Little (security and terrorism expert) and Amnan Shore (Sabra, President of the Jerusalem Coalition). As a panel we discuss the war of Islam against America and Israel. If you have cable you can catch this on one of the various Christian networks. Click here for the cable schedule. Or you can watch it on the net by going directly to the Jewish Voice Website. As usual, on camera, I come across perhaps as angry or too serious. Chalk it up to nerves and not my real personality. 🙂 And in case any of the panelists or anyone from the JVMI reads this, I want to thank Jonathan Bernis and the great bunch of folks at Jewish Voice Ministries International as well as my co-panelists – a solid group of believers that I support 100%.

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