The Spirit of Adoption as a Prophetic Response to Abortion

For those who have hung around here regularly for some time, you have probably seen me make various strong comments about my passion to see the abolition of the legal abortion holocaust in our midst. Over 40 million Americans have been murdered since 1972 through abortion. To see this holocaust come to an end should be perhaps the highest moral priority for the American Church today. But it is easy to criticise and rail against the darkness and it is another thing to actually do something. Perhaps there is no greater act than to stand against the spirit of abortion by adopting a child with no family. After having had three beautiful girls, last year, my amazingly strong, wise, and beautiful wife had to get a hysterectomy. Since that time we have been moving toward adopting a fourth child. Initially we were looking at an international adoption from Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people are perhaps my favorite people in the world. They are a beautiful and noble people whose ancient Christian and Jewish culture is a shining jewel in the earth. Unfortunately, prior to becoming a believer, I developed a bit of an arrest record. Surprised? I could tell you some stories. But while all of my arrests were before the age of 20, now nearly 20 years later, my former life has come back to haunt me. We were rejected from the international adoption program. Fortunately, many Christian run domestic adoptions agencies are a bit more understanding regarding a situation like mine. And so my wife and I are now back to making an effort to adopt. But as you all likely know, adoption is a costly endeavour. As such, I simply want to make my needs known. If anyone is specifically led to contribute to this effort, I will certainly not refuse any such offering, but that is really not what this post is about. Rather it is an appeal to any pastors, groups, or Churches that would like to have me come out to conduct a seminar or conference. While I will not refuse any who specifically feel led to give, I personally believe in working for my income. So if you pull up to the corner and see me standing there, I suppose my sign could read:

“Will speak out against Islamic extremism for adoption expenses. Any little event helps. God Bless You. 🙂 ”

And of course, your prayers are deeply appreciated as well.

You may contact me at [email protected]

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