• Samuel Rivera
    Posted at 15:37h, 03 April

    On Dr, Michel Heiser, let him read Dr. Glen A. Fritz: The LOST Sea of the Exodus (A modern geographical Analysis) and Exodus Mysteriesmof Median, Sinai and Jabal al-Lawz, then he can talk some on locations, he should restrain to what he is good at, the Unseen real and other books he has written.

  • R. Scott Thurman
    Posted at 08:49h, 04 April

    Thank you Joel for laying out and expositing the scriptures with such clarity. I really appreciate your scholarship, passion, and attention to sacred detail.
    Keep up this good work and teaching. May God keep you and your family safe and healthy.


  • Jason Henry
    Posted at 11:09h, 05 April

    While I don’t really agree with what you said, that isn’t what is bothering me. It is the attitude that is being projected. I don’t feel it is constructive and is divisive to the body of Christ. Historically there are many millions of Christians who have held to “inclusion/fulfillment/replacement” theology and to lump them in with Hitler and sort of make them guilty by association just does not seem to be helpful in the long run. I understand you have a viewpoint you are wanting to get across but a little more charity towards people with differing theology would be appreciated. Especially when those who are holding to that theology would not agree at all in your description of it. Remember we have a common salvation a common savior a common ancestor, we are the human race. Anyway, that was where I am coming from.

  • Joel
    Posted at 07:10h, 07 April

    I am sure it is hard to hear. To be clear, no one is lumping folks like RC Sproul in with Hitler. That is a deliberate misrepresentation of anything I said. On the other hand, the ideological connections between Christian replacement theology and the mistreatment of Jewish people by Christians, leading to the Holocaust is undeniable and historically demonstrable. It is a history that Jews are very well aware, but Christians continue to put their hands over the ears and refuse to recognize it. As a good introduction, consider reading my book When a Jew Rules the World. Its free here on my site. Blessings.

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