The Moses Controversy: Did Moses write the Torah? Tim Mahoney Interview | The Underground #111

  • Doug
    Posted at 20:05h, 27 March

    Joel and Tim,
    Great interview and topics discussed. So much to unpack as far as what you discussed. It’s so true about the academics who leave the faith or become agnostic when they attend seminary etc. Sad but true. I’ve had friends that have gone through the same “pattern.” We can trust the Word, but few know why we can or should. It’s the famine of God’s word that was prophesied. But more specifically, that famine was to occur in the Jews.
    anyway, thanks. Its spurred some thoughts and ideas for my own studies. I was moved by the reality of Tim’s own questioning when faced with “Why do I believe what I believe?” That question has rocked the faith of so many. What can/should we do as teachers to help…? I’m asking that of myself but also broadly to the church.
    Good stuff.

  • Howard
    Posted at 05:20h, 31 March

    This was really a great and timely interview discussion, Joel and Tim. I have seen the Exodus film, and have recommended it to others. We are teaching in our congregation now why it is so important to believe the truth of Genesis in the Bible as the seed-bed and roots of all that comes after in God’s redemptive plan for what He has told us that He created. And, of course, that Jesus is the Creator, and when He says that Moses wrote the Torah, who is it that is saying so!

    Immanuel Vellikovsky is another non-scientist, and a Jewish atheist by his own admission, who wrote quite a bit that the Biblical Exodus and other miraculous events actually occurred, and that the Biblical chronology is the correct one. He was an atheist upholding the Biblical account, yet, like David Rohl, believed that all of the miracles have naturalistic and rationalistic explanations. He is also debunked by all of the scholars and scientists; but is there any reason why he is not referenced for the Patterns of Evidence, while Rohl is?

    Blessings on the continuing works on remembrance and warning of God’s mighty interventions in our history as He works to bring every knee to bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD when He saves His covenant people.

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