• Michael Palmer
    Posted at 11:16h, 05 March

    I had actually listened to the Heiser podcast before you presented this video. I knew from your past videos your position Joel. When I heard Heiser discussing the location of Mt Sinai, I knew he was wrong, but I do not have his background to explain why – your video and research is so much appreciated. I am a berean of scriptures with just a psychology degree and make my living as an accountant. I love researching and exploring the deeper things of scripture, but it gets you in trouble with other believers who really don’t study, then want to argue.
    Many times I read scholarly papers. Many times I cannot agree with their positions. There is no other way of saying it other than the holy Spirit gives us discernment. But shouldn’t believers like Heiser have the same spirit helping them discern? Yes, obviously. It is interesting as to why it is not always the case. If it were so, we’d all believe the same thing. The older I get (59 now), I see God reveals some truths to this person(s) and other truths to different people. As some commented on this video on youtube, and I agree, Dr Heiser’s as a scholar, appears to rely on (too much I would add) on peer-reviewed papers. I found Dr Heiser through you and am grateful to his teaching on the Divine Council teaching. Hesier has given me pause when he is so negative about last days prophecy. He acts like it is not important and hates all the systems. Such a great mind to not have any interest in last day things.
    Keep up the great work Joel. Looking forward to your new book. Our men’s morning bible study, we are going through Revelation. Most have never been through it. Not one of them was familiar with Daniel’s 70th week. And we are Southern Baptist – lol You and Alan Kurschner have helped me very much. I’ve been a pre-wrath guy since Marv’s book in 1990. God Bless you and your family. I would love a good recommendation book on Armageddon. What a mind field. I can’t trust most of the stuff I am reading. I think your upcoming book will be a big help.

  • linda keyes
    Posted at 13:43h, 05 March

    They was quite heavy Joel, I’ll have to listen a few times.

    Just a small thing, it would be interesting to hear from the nays, who do they think faked and planted all the archeological items found in just the right places. Especially the split rock!
    All that water erosion in a place that gets about 2 inches of rain a year.

    If they think it’s the wrong place,
    They must have an opinion.
    Along with why there is no archeological finds at their chosen place.

  • Ed Nenonen
    Posted at 05:30h, 07 March

    Years ago I had someone ask me what I thought Habakkuk 3:3 meant. I hadn’t really considered it before that moment in any profound way. As I looked at Biblical references to Teman I found they consistently referred to it as a place where God exercised judgment. It was referencing His triumphs in judgment upon this place. This is consistent with Habakkuk when we look at verses 5 and 6 when it talks of pestilence and plague and startling the nations. These references to Coming from Teman carry the sense of proclaiming His victorious accomplishments of putting down the godless and rebellious. It would be hard to justify from these that they are in reference to, these are the places He was known as Yahweh. Much more Teman is the place that knows His victorious might. Habakkuk 3:2 says Yahweh, I have heard the report about you and I fear….. in wrath remember mercy. The rest of the chapter concurs that this phrase, God comes from Teman , is another way to say He’s Awesome, fearful and a glorious powerful judge who crushes His enemies and vindicates His people (3:12,13).
    Once again thanks for this message. It is inspiring. Also, thanks for making your materials available on line. I bought your Mt. Sinai book last time I was in the States in January, but it is really hard for me to buy books that can actually make it to me here. I have little faith in this postal system. Anyway your online access has given me something to read the last few days.

  • Joel
    Posted at 07:44h, 07 March


    That’s a great observation about Teman. This would be consistent with the view that Edom represents the ultimate eschatological enemies of God’s people and the everlasting covenant. Yes, as for material, we are moving toward trying to give as much away for free as we can. Unfortunately, my previous publisher has been very much lacking in honesty and financial integrity and has not made it easy to regain my rights despite not being paid etc. But soon, everything will be mine and the plan is to make everything freely available.


  • Geri Ann Fluegeman
    Posted at 08:45h, 08 March

    Once again Joel I believe you are spot on with your observations and research. I also appreciate how you confront opposition with humility, courage, and Christ like love.

  • Fran Wahman
    Posted at 09:32h, 09 March

    Doesn’t Gal. 4:25 tell you the location of Mt. Sinai ?

  • Joel
    Posted at 10:06h, 09 March

    Yes. It says “Arabia.” But Arabia was used in both a more specific sense as well as a broad sense in the first century. Its like America today. Specifically, it means the USA, broadly it can include anything from Canada to Argentina. Like today, if one says America, without explanation or elaboration, they mean the USA, not Chile or Costa Rica.

  • Gary C
    Posted at 14:13h, 12 March

    I am somewhat familiar with your position but not his. Mr. Heiser is a brilliant scholar but one thing I have noticed on the way he holds an argument is very logical and insightful but I have noticed that is sometimes he needs to be more global in context. For example, I listened to his use of the Old Testament Scripture to show that the flood could be regional. By Scripture, he is correct. But by physics, this would be impossible.

  • Gary C
    Posted at 14:17h, 12 March

    Btw, I hope you have Mark Davidson on your show soon. I know he has a new book out on the endtimes. Would love you two get into a discussion on some matters!

  • Kelly A Christman
    Posted at 09:41h, 13 March

    I am excited to see you address Michael Heiser’s recent podcast, which I listened to last week. After listening to him I was disappointed and a bit concerned at the way he cast off the probability written about by you and others, that Jebel al-Lawz could be the true Mt. Sinai. I found Dr. Heiser’s argument against Jebel al-Lawz more confusing, weak, and flippant for his usual teaching.

    I enjoy listening to both you and Dr. Heiser, and I will continue to read both of your books and watch your videos, because I have learned a lot of interesting things from both of you. Thank you for taking the time to address this issue.

    I appreciate and pray for you, your family, and ministry!!!

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