• Geri Ann Fluegeman
    Posted at 08:47h, 28 February

    Excellent expose of heresy!

  • Michael Palmer
    Posted at 14:34h, 28 February

    Great show Joel. I would love to see more of these kinds of videos. Love biblical history. Also, would also like to see your take on Deut 32:8-9 in regards to the tower of Babel – how Moses tells the Israelites, God gave the nations over to other gods. Not sure if you agree with Dr Heiser on this point, but would enjoy your take on it. Also, good luck on getting Heiser to debate about Mt Sinai. Perhaps, you can write an article addressing Heisers points. I really love Heiser’s teaching, but I think Heiser leans heavily only on peer-reviewed papers. Otherwise, I don’t think he gives them much credence. I personally think he may be short-sighted if, in fact, he leans that way. You, on the other hand, do your research including scholarly work, but also leave room for the lay person’s ability to have the truth revealed through the Holy Spirit about some passage in the bible.

  • Ed Nenonen
    Posted at 06:58h, 01 March

    Thanks for your labor in research that allows you to address issues like this Nimrod mythology. If you want to enjoy some Moroccan design, you are welcome to come visit us in Marrakech! 🤓

  • kaye
    Posted at 20:40h, 01 March

    Excellent! I so enjoyed this episode! Thank You!

  • Frankie Ross-Smith
    Posted at 07:59h, 02 March

    Thank you Joel. I think it would be easier to be a Nimrod if the balance you bring was absent. I really enjoyed this broadcast – and your others too of course. I appreciate your ministry altogether. Again, thank you.

  • Howard
    Posted at 08:20h, 04 March

    Hi Joel,

    Very interesting. I just wrote this earlier today, and then watching your presentation gave thanks to God. Blessings.

  • Jeff Harmening
    Posted at 08:59h, 04 March

    Joel, thank you for you work, sir. These types of episodes are so impactful. I always enjoy your guests and ministry updates as well, but a teacher you are! Your new studio digs are nicely and artistically done. You seem to be well settled in to your new spot and routine and it shows! Thank you again for your ministry dedication and insightful delivery of the gospel!

  • Tamaira Loveless
    Posted at 11:12h, 23 March

    Your video brought up something I continue to wrestle with-the deity of Jesus. From your words you believe Jesus is God in the flesh? I don’t want to speak for you but that is a source of confusion for me. I believe he is the son of God and therefore sinless, and I do believe his sacrifice is my salvation. But there are things he said in scripture that sound like God is separate. He prays to God and taught others how to pray. Before he ascended he told the disciples to be happy for him, that he goes to be with the father and the father is greater than he is. That sounds like God the father is a separate individual. I feel like all scripture should make sense, point in the same direction. And in this case it doesn’t for me. Why speak about God as someone else if you are God in the flesh. Then I think about his covenant with Abraham; Abraham slept while two representatives/symbols of God passed through the sacrifice. He split himself into two symbols for a reason. Maybe that was the ultimate covenant-God with himself for Abraham. Jesus’ sacrifice was different because he was the sacrifice, but he was also the covenant. I get that God in all His glory is beyond my tiny little brain, but I feel like I should understand Jesus. I should know who it is that I love and worship and praise. Somethings sound like he is God and others like he has God’s authority…like second in command times a million. What is it in scripture that you feel is proof in your mind of Jesus as God in the flesh?

  • Joel
    Posted at 11:56h, 25 March

    Hi Tamaira,

    Rather than address every issue that you are wrestling with here, I will recommend that you do some serious study on this matter. An excellent book on the Trinity is below. I hope this is helpful:


    One good place to see that Jesus is indeed God Almighty is John 12:42. Here it says that the one seen by Isaiah in Isaiah 6 is Jesus. There He is called Holy Holy Holy the Lord God Almighty.

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