The fact of the matter is that Islam is the single greatest global challenge the Church faces today. This is true now, and will continue to be the case until the return of Jesus. So what are we going to do about it? Will we do nothing, or will we rise to meet the great challenge of our time?

Expand your horizons.

If you, your church, or group would like to be equipped to meet the challenge of Islam, i2 Ministries offers the absolute best training available. 

Mission Muslim World University (MMWU)  offers Islamic, Biblical and Missiological classes ranging from the most basic introduction to Islam, to the most advanced training. The first introductory class consists of 8-sessions and is ideal for a Sunday School or Bible Study Group to go through together.  The class is called “Islam’s Issues, Agendas and The Great Commission”

After taking this class, you can then decide if you wish to continue your studies and how far you wish to go.

Format of the Program:

MMWU consists of over 35 courses taught by leading experts in their fields, all with experience in Muslim evangelism and different levels of scholarship. The first 7 courses are:

Islam’s Issues, Agendas and The Great Commission by Joshua Lingel
Christian Apologetics to Islam by Joshua Lingel
Radical Evangelism to Muslims by Jay Smith
Christian & Islamic Theological Issues by Sasn Tavassoli
Loving God with all your Mind by J.P. Moreland
Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell
The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman

The classes are streamed online. You are trained at your own pace. You or your group can choose to do one session or multiple sessions per week. A good example of a class schedule is 3 hours per week for 10 weeks. This allows a group to complete watching 3 sessions of training, totalling 30, plus one hour for the final exam. At the end of the training, we are confident that you will feel more than confident and empowered to love, engage and share Jesus Christ with any Muslim in your community or around the world!

Who is this Program For?

With the dramatic surge of Islam globally, it is imperative that the global Church becomes equipped with the necessary tools to effectively reach Muslims. This program is taught by some of the world’s leading experts in their fields. Because of the range of classes and programs, it will greatly benefit every Christian believer.  So whether you are someone who is simply desiring to learn more about the fastest growing and most unreached segment of the unbelieving world, a seasoned missionary already working among Muslims, or anything in between, these courses will greatly benefit all Christians who desire to obey and complete the Great Commission.

Emphasis on Group Study:

Although the classes can be taken individually, we highly encourage group study, because this creates an environment of interaction, coolaboration, commitment and spiritual connection. We want you to study with like-minded people who will support you in your efforts to reach Muslims, either locally or abroad. Therefore, our tuition reflects this. Cost per class is significantly reduced for groups.

Each Group Registration comes with login access codes for streaming the video presentations online, and individual workbooks (neither of which should be duplicated). Each student will have an unique student ID.

Steps for taking the Mission Muslim World University:

1) Apply for qualification. In order to serve you better, we would like to know what your interests, ministry, and community are like. So you will be asked to fill out the Foundations Application, which includes the request for a letter from your pastor, missions/evangelism pastor, or organization leader. This letter is for us to know that other people will see you as a point of contact for knowledge about missions to Muslims but also that you will have their spiritual support, specially in prayer, as you go through the training. In this step, you should indicate the name of the person who will be the facilitator of the group, if not doing the training individually. Please contact us at to get a copy of the Mission Muslim World University Application. Be sure to mention that you heard about it through Joel Richardson Ministries or

2) Pay the Tuition: Once you have passed through the qualifying process, you will be given a special username on our website, so you can pay for the tuition online.

3) Start your Training: After we have received your payment, we will immediately send you the materials (DVD and Coursepack), along with an unique student ID, so you can do the training with your group at your group’s pace.

4) Receive Certificate: Finished the first 4 courses of training training? Passed all your TRUE/FALSE tests? Congratulations! The facilitator of your group should send the information about your completion back to us and we will issue Certificates to all who have completed all of the requirements for MMWU: Module 1.

If you have any questions and/or interest in Muslim Mission World University, please contact us at  Specify that you heard about the program here at Joel’s Trumpet.