Mystery Babylon Bundle

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  • The Antichrist Debate: Dr. Tommy Ice and Joel Richardson 2 Hour 45 Minutes
  • Babylon Reconsidered by Reverend Ralph Woodrow
  • Mystery Babylon: Unlocking the Bible’s Greatest Prophetic Mystery
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2 reviews for Mystery Babylon Bundle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Higgins

    As far as reviews go there are usually 2 groups of people. Those who want a quick answer and those who want details.

    So here I go:

    Group 1 (Quick Answer).. It was awesome! Work through it. Hey for that matter work through it often. I was completely provoked to dig deeper and go beyond ‘Eschatological Christian Mythology 101’

    There! Group 1 your free to proceed to the checkout with your copy of ‘Mystery Babylon Bundle’

    Group 2 (Gimme Details)

    Mystery Babylon.
    Joel has already said it best ‘all the fingers in the glove have to fit’. I personally love well delivered arguements. I hate arguing but a well delivered argument that can be both delivered and received in humility can be used to grow the body and bible prophecy understanding. There was nothing in Joel’s delivery that should make the humble feel threatened but it will seriously challenge the traditions of men (Mark 7:13). I liked this book a lot for both it’s content and format. This will be a permanent resource that I will not lend out easily. I don’t normally get my books back. Or my movies, tools etc.

    The Babylon Connection
    I actually tried to read this first before ‘Mystery Babylon’ and then put it down because I wasn’t sure why it was in the bundle. After finishing Mystery Babylon I went back to Woodrow’s book and was then able to really benefit from it. If you have been around the church long enough you will eventually come across people who think everything is evil. Everything from the image of the cross to Christmas trees to the Pope. The Babylon Connection really helped me grasp how some of these things found there way into the life of the church. I super appreciated Ralph Woodrow’s insight and his own humility in admitting a personal error. If everyone could receive a corrective challenge as Woodrow has and grow from it the church would be in very powerful and influential place. Thanks for adding it Joel.

    The Debate
    What can I say. My favorite part of this debate was early on when Joel challenged Tommy with the proverb, ‘He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him’ Proverbs 18:13. I loved this debate so much I shared it with a couple who leaned quite heavily towards Tommy Ice’s views until they were challenged with one bible verse after another that for the most part Tommy didn’t or couldn’t deal with.

    Now I don’t know Joel personally but I think he would disagree with me if I was trying to present Joel as a better person than Tommy Ice. I’m not. I only want to encourage those who are looking at this bundle and of course the debate to ‘watch and pray’ and as the book of additives chapter 1 verse 1 says ‘take notes’. There is a mountain of detail to work through. And let’s face it too many Christians base there doctrine on only a thimble full of scripture when there is a bucket full of scripture to work through. That is probably why Paul says, ‘For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God.’ Acts 20:27 (NASB).

    Thanks Joel.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    How am I going to give you a rating if I have not read or seen the video yet?

    That would not be honest.

  3. Joel


    Obviously, the request for reviews is only after you have read the book, not before…

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