Invite Joel

If you would like Joel to address your congregation or group, he enjoys teaching and preaching on a variety of themes such as:


    • The Gospel
    • The Return of Jesus
    • Biblical Prophecy
    • Living With Biblical Hope
    • Islam & its Relationship to Biblical Prophecy
    • Loving and Sharing the Good News With Muslims
    • Israel
    • Replacement Theology versus Restorationism
    • The Spirit of Adoption
    • etc.


Joel is also happy to address small congregations and home groups on a nightly basis via Skype. Fill out the inquiry form for more information.

Contacting Joel


Please read first: If you would like to invite Joel to share at your church or group, or for media interviews, then please feel free to fill out the following inquiry form. Also, if you have questions about an order then please use this form. You will receive a prompt e-mail response. Please do not use this form to ask general or theological questions or to send links to news articles etc. Thank you so much for your understanding.